The Story Behind Spark! Family Enrichment Center

The team at SPARK!™ Family Enrichment Center strongly believes in bringing families together to give back to the community. The goal is to create a warm, caring atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. The commitment to the community is to provide a safe, enriching environment where families can learn through experience, participation and fun. We have highly qualified teachers and musicians who offer a variety of creative community school options, music lessons, tutoring, after-school care, camps and more. Each experience is always flexible and always individualized.

Spark! Family Enrichment Center, which is supportive of the community and concerned with the welfare of its employees, is focused on bringing families together, giving back to the community, and educating to empower students of all ages. The hallmark of this business is the personal relationships that are built with the families that are served by offering a dependable, nurturing community resource through affordable, hands-on educational enrichment, a diverse curriculum and passionate instructors.

At its heart, Spark! Family Enrichment Center is an educational resource created by parents, for parents. It fosters a friendly, inviting environment where the staff understands the rigors of daily life, the pressures put on families, and the economic climate. The goal is to create a warm, caring atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, where children are valued for their individuality, and where flexibility is offered to support whatever a family may need. It’s a safe, nurturing environment where families can learn and have fun.

Children have different needs and different learning styles. That is why the teachers at Spark! Family Enrichment Center teach children the way they learn, not the way others want them to learn. Perceived failures in the school system, lack of services for gifted students, and the “common core” are leaving families searching for educational support. A cost-effective alternative for parents is the growing demand for flexible education like homeschooling, tutoring and creative community school™.

Spark!™ Family Enrichment Center offers a safe haven for busy families with hectic schedules to come to one place for music, art, tutoring, education, after school care and other enrichment. Parents get a block of time to run errands, or better yet, relax! Then your family time together is quality time.

Ethiana Alvarado, owner and music instructor at Spark! Family Enrichment Center, has roots in Guayaquil, Ecuador where she began her career at the Conservatory of Music. She taught music classes in elementary, middle and private schools. Ms. Alvarado has a bachelor of arts degree in music as well as numerous awards in piano. She received a diploma level 6 with the Royal Conservatory and a certificate in early childhood education in New York. She has been teaching music for more than 20 years, specializing in piano, guitar and voice.


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Written by Ethiana Alvarado

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