Get Active This Summer!

Fun Family Sports and Their Benefits

Summer is just around the corner and there are so many things to do when vacation starts. Today, technology has a huge influence in our lives, but this summer, Why not spend your days with your family and kids? Outdoor activities can be very beneficial for your health and doing sports can improve mental and physical health, promote social connections and even improve academic performance. If spending the summer getting active with your family is an option for you, here is a little guide with some ideas and benefits that some sports hold for you.



Playing golf involves using a club to hit a small ball into a hole. It is an interesting sport that has a lot of benefits. Practicing golf makes you walk a lot, which helps in physical exercise and blood pressure. However, one of the main benefits of playing golf is that it is an outdoor sport. That means that playing on a nice and sunny day can give you more vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for our health as it can lower the risk of cancer, boost your immune system and help the body absorb calcium to prevent bone loss. And if you are interested in playing this sport, Orange County National Golf Center, in Winter Garden, is a nice place to visit and also offers Golf courses for new people who are still learning.



Braddock Park is a good place that offers the opportunity for playing soccer and other sports. Soccer is actually one of the most popular sports in the world, played in most countries, it is a team sport. Soccer can strengthen the muscles as you need to run and walk a lot. It also increases  aerobic capacity, and helps create the ability to think fast. Another benefit is the improvement of coordination, there are a lot of shifts between running, sprinting and it is necessary to kick and receive the ball from another player. And most of all, encourages teamwork.



Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of energy and movement. That being said, is one of the sports that help you burn calories. But it also improves balance and coordination, as well as makes you develop more concentration and discipline. Being a team sports, it also teaches and encourages teamwork. Although it is a team sport, you can also play by yourself and with just a few people! And finally, Basketball is one of the sports that can reduce stress. Barnett Park offers activities for adults and youth and has great activities for summer!



Swimming is a great sport to practice during the summer because it can be relaxing and help beat the Florida heat! But swimming is a great sport to improve and increase flexibility. It can also build endurance and muscle strength, as well as maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Swimming is also a sport that will help you improve coordination and posture and if you are looking for a fun place to spend the time with your family, Altamonte Springs Recreation has a nice outdoor pool for everyone to enjoy the summer.



Tennis is a good sport suitable for all ages. Using racquets to hit a ball over a net on the other side of the court, it requires coordination and energy. At Lake Cane Tennis you can have classes, and book your own tennis court. If you are a pro, you can also participate in tournaments! Playing tennis increases aerobic capacities and bone density and improves strength and flexibility. The sport also is good for mental health and socializing with friends, as well as meeting new people.


Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball are good sports to improve the ability of throwing and catching skills. It provides teamwork and opportunities for socialization and developing leadership. Baseball is good for the increase of flexibility, control and coordination. Just like most sports, regular participation can improve cardiovascular endurance and overall strength.


Are you ready to get active this summer? Playing sports can have a lot of benefits and we hope this guide gives you some inspiration and insight of what you can do this summer with your family!


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