Orlando’s Top New Eateries That Opened in 2023

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2023 brought a wave of new eateries in Orlando that are quickly becoming local favorites. As the year ends, here are some of the top fresh and exciting dining experiences that opened their doors in 2023. 

Nami: Lake Nona’s Japanese Elegance

Nami presents an authentic Japanese omakase experience in the heart of Lake Nona. Located in the Lake Nona Wave Hotel, Nami is set to become a new favorite for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts.

Chuan Fu: Authentic Sichuan in Winter Park

Chuan Fu brings a taste of Sichuan to Winter Park. Started by the creators of Chuan Lu Garden, Chuan Fu stands out for its unique feature of peppercorn and other bold flavors.

Foreigner Restaurant: A Fresh Take on Local Produce

Foreigner Restaurant by Chef Bruno Fonseca presents a multi-course chef’s table emphasizing the freshest local products, combining elegance with a welcoming atmosphere.

Kavas Tacos + Tequila: Mexican and Tex-Mex Fusion

On International Drive, Kavas Tacos + Tequila offers a blend of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, showcasing the culinary expertise of the team behind Taverna Opa and Tapa Toro.

Camille: Vietnamese Dishes with French Flair

In Baldwin Park, Camille, led by chef Tung Phan, presents a modern take on Vietnamese dishes with classical French influences. This culinary experience offers an intimate Chef-to-guest encounter with a seasonal multi-course menu.  

Chayote Barrio Kitchen: Latin Cuisine Reimagined

Chef Mario Pagan’s Chayote Barrio Kitchen offers bold Latin flavors under the “New Latin Table” concept. The restaurant redefines Latin fine dining and creates a unique, immersive experience for guests.

Chill-N-Nitrogen Ice Cream: A Cool Twist on Desserts

Experience the future of dessert at Chill-N-Nitrogen Ice Cream, where your favorite flavors are flash-frozen to perfection. Build your custom ice cream from a Periodic Table of Flavors and enjoy a nitrogen ice cream experience. 

Flutes Champagne Bar: Toasting to Orlando’s Finer Side

Flutes Champagne Bar introduces a touch of elegance with its extensive selection of champagnes and sparkling wines, perfect for celebratory sips. It is a sophisticated venue that includes live music to match the ambiance. 

Of course, this is just a snapshot of the many new eateries in Orlando that have opened throughout the year. Let’s see what 2024 has in store! 


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Written by Alexis George

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