New Orlando Restaurants to Take by Storm if You’re a Foodie

View of Korean BBQ to represent some new Orlando restaurants.

Are you a foodie looking for your next favorite hidden gem? Well, you’re in luck because Orlando restaurants are constantly popping up throughout town. Check out one of these newly opened Orlando restaurants for a delicious experience. Ranging from vegan food to authentic New York City restaurants, you’ll love at least one of these hot spots.

K-BOB Korean Street Food

Claiming to have Orlando’s first Korean BBQ in a cup, this restaurant recently opened in August and is ready to serve some tremendous Korean street food. While it is known for the “Kup-Bobs,” you can also get boba cream chillers, Korean fried wings, cheese corndogs, and sweet Korean pancakes.

V’s Diner

Greater Orlando’s first vegan diner has opened and is encouraging everyone to come try the food, not just vegans! The 50-style joint states that it takes pride in serving meatless comfort food like gyro, cheesesteaks, and burgers! Best of all, the proteins are all made from scratch!

Earthly Picks

Earthly Pick’s is a Latina-owned vegan cafe that used to be a pop-up. You can expect vegan Latin food like burritos, rice bowls, and tacos, as well as a brunch menu with empanadas, tostadas, and a breakfast bowl.

Lazy Dog Restaurant

While more widely known in California, Orlando has its first Lazy Dog Restaurant, and it is a chain worth checking out. The establishment is known for its comfort food and also offers a unique menu of ‘TV Dinners’ to take home, featuring typical meals you’d find in the frozen food aisle like chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and baked pasta.

Kung Fu Kitchen

Voted the BEST steamed bun and pulled noodle restaurant in New York, Orlando was lucky to get the restaurant’s first out-of-state location! You will eat some of the best soup dumplings and noodles here, and it is a must if you have always wanted to experience a taste of NYC.

AJ’s Chocolate House

Opening its first United States location, Winter Park now has a European chocolate house. While not a restaurant, who says a box of fine Belgian chocolates can’t qualify as a meal? Guests can purchase an assortment of chocolates as well as gelato.

The Mongolorian BBQ

This may just become your new favorite restaurant if you are a fan of both Star Wars and Mongolian BBQ. Custom bowls can be made with different choices of select noodles, proteins, veggies, and sauces.

Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe

Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe, a restaurant part of the Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes family,  is now in soft opening and will be offering the fluffiest souffle pancakes in Orlando. If you’ve always wanted to try fluffy Japanese-style pancakes, make sure to check it out!

Oodle Ramen

This spot offers amazing ramen dishes from Tonkotsu to Shoyo and great appetizers like takoyaki and nori fries. When you are craving some cozy and delicious comfort food, this is the spot for you.

No matter your taste, one of these Orlando restaurants is sure to be a perfect match for you.


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Written by Ellie Nas

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