Premiere Orthodontics: The Clear Way to a Confident Smile

A beautiful smile can help you feel more confident, and there’s nothing that Dr. Jason Battle of Premiere Orthodontics loves more than helping boost the confidence of his patients through every stage of their lives. From school photos to graduation day, he has it covered.

Dr. Battle partners with his patients to create their perfect smile. At his cosmetically driven practice, he customizes each treatment plan based on the patient’s individual needs to straighten their teeth quickly and affordably without anyone noticing. After learning about their treatment goals, Dr. Battle develops a plan using clear aligners like Invisalign and ClearCorrect with minimal assistance from traditional braces.

With a simple, one-minute scan using the world’s fastest scanner, Dr. Battle creates digital models of a patient’s teeth. He then alters the models on a computer to design their new smile. The final digital production allows the patient to see the outcome before the treatment plan even begins. After the digital models are approved, they are sent to a lab so the clear aligners can be fabricated.

“It’s a better fit for all of the retainers and appliances,” Dr. Battle says of the scanner. “It also has a faster turnaround time, which means the patient can start the treatment sooner.”

With the traditional method for the clear aligner treatment plan, the aligners are changed out every two to three weeks. Using the accelerated method, the total treatment time is cut in half. Even complex surgical cases involving major under bites and over bites can be handled with the same treatment plan as more simple orthodontics cases.

“In the past, patients would often need around two years of traditional braces. We’ve cut that down to about three months, and that’s if they are even necessary,” Dr. Battle explains.

Even better, patients don’t need to visit the office as much for maintenance. However, they still need to schedule regular in-office appointments or virtual consultations so Dr. Battle can check their progress and transition them through each stage of the treatment. This should occur every four to six months compared to every six to 10 weeks with traditional braces.

“My patients can reach their smile goals faster with the accelerated treatment plan, and I’m there for them every step of the way,” Dr. Battle says. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get them to happiness.”

One thing is clear: Dr. Battle is committed to creating beautiful smiles for his patients quickly, boosting their confidence for the milestones that matter most.

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What’s New at Premiere Orthodontics

Dr. Battle understands that life can get busy and office visits aren’t always easy to schedule. That’s why he now offers HIPPA-compliant virtual consultations instead.

It’s simple.

1. Use your cell phone to text six photos of your teeth. Sample photos are available on the Premiere Orthodontics website.

2. Include your name, email address, concerns for your teeth and a photo of your dental insurance card if you need to verify information.

3. Dr. Battle will review and follow up with you.


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