One Vote Can Change The World, What Are You Waiting For?

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By the time some of you read this article, you might have missed the right to vote in the upcoming primary election of Aug. 23. There is a deadline to register, and you might have overlooked it. However, there is still time to register for the general election on Nov. 3 if you get your registration application into the supervisor of elections office 29 days (about 4 weeks) prior to that date.

My Right to Vote

I am not a history buff, but I do know that our first election was back in 1788 and that election was not meant for all. Women and African Americans had to challenge authorities to earn that right. Brave people in our American history enabled me to have that right and I never take it for granted.

As a first-generation Italian American whose parents earned the title of American citizen, after passing a difficult test, I learned the importance of that title and their right to vote. They made it easy for me to vote since I was born in Brooklyn. Even though I grew up in a non-political household, I understood the importance of registering to vote as soon as I turned 18. I honestly cannot recall if I voted at every single election since I registered back in New Jersey 45 years ago. However, as I grew older and truly learned the importance of casting a vote for our elected officials, I have endeavored to vote in every single election.

Voting Research and Changes

What I have learned is that every single office, beginning even with Soil and Water Conservation can be a steppingstone for a person to seek an even higher office. We should be doing our research on every single person and on issues that appear as a referendum, whether it be yes or no.

This year, once again, I will exercise my right to vote via mail in ballot. As I went to request my mail in ballot, I learned that there was an additional step in requesting it due to the passage of Senate Bill 90. In previous years, I could just go to to request the ballot and it would be mailed to me. However, this year I made the request through the website but had to download it, print it, sign it, and email it back; adding several steps to a once effortless process.

To make your vote count in the upcoming primary election on Aug. 23 and in the general election on Nov. 3, use any of the means to vote, early voting, mail-in ballot, or at the polls. Do your research and do not miss this important right as an American citizen.


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Written by Stina D’Uva

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