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In my school years, the end of “Summer Vacation,” as we called it, always came the day after the Labor Day holiday. Now, Pre-K through 12th grade students start school a month earlier. My theory for the increased length of the school year is that there is that much more for the students to learn. Preparation for the school year can be stressful for both students and parents. Not only is the learning process challenging, but so is the work needed to make the family ready to adjust to new supply needs, time scheduling, and necessities at home.

With Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) reopening their doors on Aug.10 this year, I hope families have already started planning and organizing so that the students can return with positive attitudes and drive to the classrooms. I researched several sources to compile a list that I believe both parents and students should use.

Back to School Tips:

● Review the goals and future of the students so that the classes where they enroll bring them satisfaction and a focus on the future.

● Think about the planning of returning to school and how it affects budgets, transportation requirements, clothing, equipment/supplies, and one of the most important, scheduling so attendance and family time both receive emphasis.

● Families may want to start returning to a routine for personal hygiene, meals, and bed and wake-up times that are like the new school year schedule.

● Get those summer assignments finished and initiate learning habits by introducing books or learning materials that will help the students enter the classroom with confidence.

● Do not forget medical checkups and tests that may be needed for either classroom presence or sports participation.

● Identify the students’ areas of interest with a focus on the possibility of volunteering or interning at a local business or non-profit where the students can earn volunteer points for OCPS volunteer programs.

● Parents might also think about how parents can help with the beginning or throughout the school year to help enrich the education experience of all our students.

● Parents and students should plan a sincere sit-down meeting to discuss the entire plan, find challenges and concerns while also reaffirming the importance of a lifetime of learning.

Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce (LNRCC) supports local education with the help of its Education Committee. Over the past two years this committee supported and helped manage a tutoring program within Lake Nona that helped more than 100 students. LNRCC also offers volunteer programs ranging from administrative to event support. If you would like to become involved with LNRCC’s volunteer opportunities, please contact us at our office number.

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