Should I Cut My Cable?

To Stream or Not To Stream

With so many articles, reviews and expert columns coming out about cutting cable, you may be tempted to begin weighing your options. We don’t blame you, since the television industry has been moving in a new direction while trying to keep every customer satisfied. 

  The decision to switch to a streaming service entirely depends on you and your family’s viewing habits. If you find yourself watching shows live and enjoy the wait for next week’s episode, keeping cable is perfect for you. If you relish the idea of binging shows when you have the time, services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video and DirecTV Now are a better fit.

You’re likely already familiar with Netflix and Hulu because you use them in combination with cable to watch movies or shows that are only available through these streaming services. With Amazon Prime Video comes with Amazon Prime membership or can be purchased for an additional monthly fee to watch movies and Amazon-specific shows, and DirecTV Now is DirecTV’s streaming service that offers dozens of channels without a dish or cable. Also, any Android TV box can stream video through applications on Google’s Android software.

  According to Netflix, they’re the “leading internet television network” with 104 million members internationally watching 125 million hours of TV and movies each day. Even with those numbers, research states that live TV is still the go-to for some when they want to watch their favorite shows.

Does Age Matter?

While age isn’t a deciding factor for what service to purchase, studies looking at different age groups often find noticeable differences. Older generations keep cable, as they may be accustomed and already get everything they need from it, while viewers between the ages of 16 and 34 mainly use streaming services.

Some claim that cutting cable is cheaper, and others say it becomes more expensive since people end up subscribing to multiple streaming services. While both hold some truth, remember that it all depends on what you want. Certain subscribers want to pick and choose the television they want and are willing to spend the money for ease of access. Instead of having to wait until they get home to watch their favorite show, they can easily open it up on their phone or tablet during a lunch break.

Decisions, Decisions.

Whatever your decision, consider your options. Does your cable provide all of the channels you want, live shows you keep up with every week and a price you’re satisfied with? Would you prefer to binge shows and try to find certain types of original content from streaming services for a monthly cost?  

  Choose what’s best for your family’s viewing habits. Who watches what, when and why? Weigh options or possibly cut down on a cable bundle to put the money toward a preferred streaming service.


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