High-Tech Home Protection

Home security has evolved considerably since the “door shakers” of the World War I era who would shake members’ doors each night to ensure they were locked and the huge cameras used in early models of video security. Modern, high-tech systems are much more discreet when keeping your family and your belongings safe. Here, we weigh some of the options.

Throw Away the Key
A secure home starts at the front door. Smart door locks allow you to come and go as you please while monitoring activity while you’re away.
Some models send notifications straight to your phone if the lock is used and others are equipped with fingerprint scanners or can be opened by voice commands for added convenience. Fingerprint scanners read your preset biometrics, meaning you are the only person who can unlock your door unless you’ve shared the passcode with others.

One of the biggest benefits of smart locks is that you have plenty of control. Some include time logs so you can see when the lock was used and others provide the option of adding permanent or temporary users and set schedules for when visitors can access your home.

Outdoor Alerts
The Ring Video Doorbell keeps your front door even safer by allowing you to monitor your doorstep from your smartphone, tablet or PC through the Ring app. The device includes a built-in microphone and speaker so you can see, hear and speak to visitors who press your doorbell or who trigger the motion sensor.

The safety of your home also branches out into your community. Ring Neighborhood is a feature of the app where you can share photos and videos of suspicious activity with nearby Ring users. Not only does it keep you informed on local crime but it also allows you to work with your neighbors to keep your community safe.

Full Home Protection
The Nest Secure alarm system prides itself on being designed around you and your family rather than intruders. It’s easy to install and packs a punch with plenty of protection.

The system comes with a Nest Guard, a Nest Detect and a Nest Tag, and each work seamlessly with Nest’s mobile app. If the alarm goes off, Nest sends an alert to your phone, where you can see what triggered the alarm and create a video to send to the police.
So how does it work? Nest Detect sensors can be installed on windows and doors so you know when they open or on the wall to detect motion in a room. The Nest Guard is a small central station that comes complete with an alarm, keypad and motion sensor. Keep this security hub close to the front door, where you can turn it on or off with a passcode or by using the Nest Tag. This also allows visitors who are stopping by while you’re away to tag in or out without needing the passcode.


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