7 Must-Have Home Technology Gadgets For Your Next Party

Everyone loves a good party! When you’re hosting, there are plenty of home technology gadgets that can make playing host much easier. Below are 7 must-have items that will make your next party even better.

Nest x Yale Lock

Don’t worry about racing to the door to keep your guests from waiting. Instead, create a pass code for your front door lock so they can let themselves in. Once your get-together is over, reset it so only you and your house members have access again.


Voice-Activated Water Faucet

When you’re busy preparing your party spread, keep your faucet handle clean with a voice-activated faucet. Just hook it up to your Amazon Alexa and say, “Alexa, ask Delta to turn on.” You can also tap it to activate the water. Heat levels can be adjusted with your voice, too.



This smart pan makes cooking easier with built-in weight and temperature sensors. You can even sync your pan with the mobile app to connect you with the recipe and limit the possibility of burning your food.


Instant Pot with Bluetooth

Monitor your meal with the touch of your smartphone. You can adjust the temperature and cook time on your pot to your cooking needs from the comfort of your couch or while mingling with guests.


Philips Hue Starter Kit

Ambiance is everything when you’re throwing a party. The more festive and comfortable your space looks, the more your guests will begin to feel the same. Through the controller, you can choose an array of hues to accentuate your space. It’s a small touch that will go a long way.


Cooper Cooler Wine Bottle Chiller

Not only does this cooler bring wine down to the proper temperature, but you can also chill beer, water, soda or sports drinks in no time. Cans take one minute to cool down, bottles take 3.5 minutes and wine bottles take six minutes. Even better, it fits right on your countertop.


iGrill Thermometer

Ensure that your meats are grilled to perfection at any gathering by monitoring the temperature in the easiest way possible. Simply connect your iGrill device with your smartphone to check the temperature of your meat on the Weber iGrill app to ensure that it’s as tender as it can be.



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Written by Larissa Hamblin

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