How to Make a Splash at Your Next Pool Party

Young people hanging out by a pool with a big yellow float.

Pool party season is here! Whether it’s your kids, friends or family, everyone is excited to make a splash at the pool, catch some rays and fire up the grill. Follow these tips to maximize your outdoor space and throw the best pool party of the summer.

Pool Maintenance
First things first, make sure all necessary pool maintenance is completed before party day. Keep these simple but important concepts in mind: circulation, cleaning and chemistry. Like a heart, keep your pump and filter system running daily to maximize circulation. Make sure the water is clear and clean from contaminants and pollutants. Lastly, basic pool chemistry is essential to a healthy pool. Make sure the pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels are within the ideal range at least a week ahead of your pool party.

Outdoor Décor
Don’t let your backyard or patio sit bare. Transform your outdoor space into a tropical oasis with hang planters, flowers and other greenery. Shade the patio with large, brightly colored umbrellas and fans to keep your guests cool. Hang string lights across the patio to light up the space and continue the party into the night.

Lounge Area
Designate a specific portion of your pool area for lounging. Give your guests the choice of laying under the warm sun or under a shady spot. Don’t forget to make sure it’s away from the splash zone! If you have lots of trees in your backyard, set up a hammock with pillows for the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Sun Protection Station
Encourage your guests to protect their skin from the Florida sun by setting up a sunscreen station. Place SPF sunscreen, sprays and tanning lotions near the lounge area for guests to apply as needed. For a little extra touch, provide towels and cold water so everyone stays hydrated.

Floats & Games
What’s a pool party without pool floats? Be creative and throw in flamingo, swans and pizza shaped floats for the kids to play with and for a great family photo op. Set up cornhole in the yard and giant board games on table for those who would rather play poolside. Amazon has a huge selection of colorful and unique floats as well as fun games for an affordable price. You can even find cooler floats that to fill with ice, beverages and snacks so everything you need is right there with you in the pool.

Now you’re ready to invite your guests over and make a splash!


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