Universal’s R.I.P. Tour: A VIP Journey of Horror 

As autumn leaves begin to fall, Central Florida gears up for its annual descent into darkness and delightful frights with Universal Studios Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights. And this year, the stakes (or should we say stakes through the heart?) have been raised with the introduction of the R.I.P. Tour, an ultra-luxurious journey into the macabre. 

R.I.P. Tour: More than Just a Ticket 

For thrill-seekers looking to bypass those pesky mortal queues, the R.I.P. Tour is a godsend. The exclusivity begins with VIP entry, ensuring swift access to the spectral delights. In our experience, the tour facilitated visits to all 10 haunted houses, sumptuous meals, snacks, and the unique chance to attend the Halloween Horror Night Spectacular with VIP seating—all within a mere 5-hour span. 

Gone are the grueling wait times of 50-150 minutes per haunted house. Instead, guests enjoy priority entries and, for the daredevils among us, intimate face-to-face encounters with lurking apparitions (though capturing them on camera is a strict no-no!). 

Little Luxuries, Big Impact 

The R.I.P. Lounge provides the perfect sanctuary for guests to gather their nerves before diving headlong into the supernatural. This exclusive haven is replete with unlimited food, desserts, and hydration. Three private bars dotted throughout the property ensure guests remain refreshed, whether it’s with potent potables or simple snacks. 

And the Halloween Horror Night Spectacular? It’s an infernal, flame-fueled extravaganza that might just be a bit too adult and nightmarish for younger attendees. It’s Vegas-level entertainment right here in Central Florida. 

For those planning to extend their evening with some exhilarating rides, the R.I.P. Tour credential affords express access to select attractions. Plus, the Lounge remains open until the witching hour (or around 1 a.m. for the less dramatically inclined). 

Added Perks 

The R.I.P. Tour not only elevates your spooky experience but also takes care of logistics. Valet parking, a boon especially when regular valet service is unavailable for annual pass holders, ensures a smooth start and end to your horror-filled evening. 

For the Elite: The Private R.I.P. Tour 

Large groups or those seeking unparalleled exclusivity might consider the Private R.I.P. Tour. Apart from all the above luxuries, this tour offers a customizable itinerary, unlimited VIP entries, and the extensive ‘My Universal Photos 3-Day Package’ to immortalize your horror nights. 

Getting Started 

Ready to embark on this unparalleled horror adventure? Book your R.I.P. Tour through various channels, including a direct call, email, or Universal’s official website. Come the night of eerie escapades, present your printed ticket, photo ID, and the purchasing credit card at Universal Studios Florida’s VIP Experience Lobby. The line is to the right of the ticket entrance – this will also save you huge amounts of time – as we all know getting through the entrance during Halloween Horror Nights is half the battle.  

However, a word to the wise: the event’s intensity might overwhelm younger souls, making it unsuitable for those under 13. Also, while immersing yourself in the terror is encouraged, costumes and masks are off the table. Especially the nighttime spectacular.  

This fall, as Central Florida transforms into a land of shadows and screams, the R.I.P. Tour promises a VIP experience like no other. Whether a hardcore horror hound or just dipping your toes in haunted waters, this tour is set to be the crown jewel of your Halloween season. 

As with all things supernatural, details might morph without warning. Ensure you’re up-to-date with any changes by booking in advance. 

Until then, keep those lanterns lit and spirits high. Wishing you a hauntingly good time!


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Written by Waylon Krush

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