The Dog Days Aren’t Over, They’ve Only Just Begun

Dog licking icecream on a warm spring day.

The sun is staying out later, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and people are leaving the house to enjoy it all with their loved ones, including their dog.

As time has passed, more places have shifted to dog-friendly approaches like having designated sitting areas at a restaurant for pups, special pet menus, or everyday activities adaptable and safe for them to tag along.

For those with a four-legged friend they would like to spend the sweet springtime with, here’s a guide to some outings in Central Florida to dig your paws into. 

Kelly’s Homemade icecream

This Central Florida-loved, local scoop shop started as a passion project for Kelly Seidl’s and has turned into a favorite all over the Greater Orlando area. 

Along with cups, cones, and sundaes for customers to enjoy from their original, signature, and featured flavors, Kelly’s has also introduced something for the pups. Their “Dog Pop” allows customers to bring in their pets and enjoy the springtime sun while munching on their outdoor patio. 

Buena Vista Watersports

At Buena Vista Watersports, guests can enjoy jet skis, boat charters and rentals, and paddleboard rentals. Those looking to bring their pup can participate in paddleboarding, an opportunity for dogs and their owners to bond. 

While coasting on the water, the dogs can go out and swim or spend time on the beach near the facility afterward. 

Pups Pub

For those who want to “pawty” with their pups, this spot in Orlando is where the dog park meets a full-service bar. Dogs can roam unleashed in the fenced-in park with turf, A/C, and tennis balls to play with while owners crack open a cold one at the bar.

The “dogtails” put a spin on drinks typically ordered, with names like “Bloodhound Orange Margarita” and “Here to Chase Tail.” 

Along with the drinks and the amenities available, this pub has “Pawty Packages” for those who want to celebrate their pups “in style.” Each package includes a variety of reserved tables, decor, bottles, and buckets of beers and seltzers.

While people enjoy spending time with their dogs at home, there are now more opportunities to go out and do activities with them, which allows owners to make lasting memories with their pets.


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Written by Melissa Donovan

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