New Transportation Links Keep Pace With Growth In Central Florida

Although Florida ranks number one for infrastructure in the country, it is also the third most densely populated state, and continues to attract 800 new residents every day. To meet the state’s transportation needs, road and rail networks are constantly being expanded and updated. Virgin Trains USA is continuing work on an extension to its Brightline rail system through Central Florida, and an express link between two busy highways has finally been completed. As well as improvements and extensions to major arteries and railways, Central Florida’s housing developments require new infrastructure, including new roads and public transport facilities. To address these issues, local leaders, construction companies and now international businesses are working together to keep Central Florida moving.

Clearing Land For Rail Lines

Scheduled for opening in 2022, work is now underway on the 170 mile extension of Virgin’s high speed passenger rail system, Brightline, which will run from West Palm Beach to Orlando International Airport. Over the past few months, heavy equipment has been moving earth, often through thick vegetation, to make way for tunnels, bridges and the extensive rail corridor. The budget for this extension phase is already $2.5 billion, and work has been ongoing for some time. To reduce costly downtime and keep projects on schedule, the use of reliable, high quality vehicles and heavy machinery is essential. On projects like this, the varying tread patterns on Bobcat solid tires allow construction work to continue, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. Once work is finished, train speeds of up to 125 miles per hour will allow passengers to complete the journey from Miami to Orlando in just three hours, cutting an hour from the average driving time between the two cities.

Completing Road Construction Projects

With the continuing expansion of Florida’s highway systems, work is constantly being undertaken on the roads. While taking advantage of quieter roads earlier in the year, it was possible to accelerate work on 50 transportation projects. Altogether, close to two year’s worth of construction days were saved and a variety of works undertaken. These included the completion of the link between the two busiest roads in Central Florida, Interstate 4 and State Road 408. Construction work has run over decades and cost almost $1 billion, but now the enormous elevated ramp lanes will allow drivers to escape heavily congested bottlenecks. Looking to the future, a plan has been written outlining the need to scale up local transportation networks, stimulate further ideas for improvements, and encourage support for an increase in funding. The expansion of public transport throughout Central Florida is a priority to make it more accessible and in order to improve flow on the often dangerously congested road systems.

To keep pace with population growth, Central Florida’s transport networks are constantly under review. A new fast train line connecting Orlando to Miami, and improvements to local road systems will help to ensure residents, commuters and tourists can travel quickly and easily around the region.


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Written by Bill Heneghan

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