Meet the 2020 Cutest Toddler Contest Winners

For this year’s Cutest Toddler Contest, presented by AdventHealth for Children, there were hundreds of toddler participants and a record number of votes. Now, it’s time to introduce you to the top three toddler winners. But first, meet our sponsor:

AdventHealth for Children is committed to delivering world-class programs, extraordinary patient care and clinical excellence. Its flagship hospital in downtown Orlando is the heart of a children’s care network that includes primary care pediatricians, specialty clinics, emergency departments and Kids Urgent Care. Their nationally recognized team includes 140+ pediatric specialists practicing 35 subspecialties dedicated to healing children.

1st Place


Parent Names: Michael and Sanmaries Martinez
Community: Lake Pickett
What are some of Isabella’s favorite things? Gymnastics, singing, and spending time with family
What is Isabella’s most precious moment? Our first night as new parents! She was crying and wouldn’t stop. We changed her, fed her and burped her. She still continued to cry. We finally laid her skin-to-skin on momma’s chest, put worship music on and instantly she stopped crying! It was a very beautiful and intimate first moment as a new family of three.
What is your favorite story to tell about Isabella? We were decorating for a birthday party when we realized she was being really quite. When we found her she was elbows deep into the birthday cake! Needless to say, we had to make a last minute bakery run.
What is Isabella’s favorite treat? Chocolate cake and ice cream

2nd Place


Parent Names: Pastor Eric & Mahalia Washburn
Community: Orlando
What are some of Luke’s favorite things? Some of Luke’s favorite things are mommy and daddy’s cell phones, the remote control, his pacifier and playing with his musical toys.
What is Luke’s most precious moment? One of Luke’s most precious moments was his first experience with the beach in Waimanalo, Hawaii during our visit with family to celebrate his first miracle birthday. We can tell that he loved the wind on his face, the sand on his feet and floating with daddy in the ocean waves.
What is your favorite story to tell about Luke? I love to share how God answered the prayers of his parents who didn’t know if they were ever going to have a baby after 10 years of marriage, and how Luke surprised them with his gift of life. Luke’s name was chosen 10 months before he was born, but unbeknownst to his parents, his name would fit his journey perfectly. The name Luke means “light giver” and his middle name is “Kekoa,” which in the Hawaiian language means “courageous” or “warrior.” They call him their “little Warrior of Light.” Luke’s smile radiates with joy, and his blowing kisses say, “I love you”, and his hugs of compassion and affection can heal a wounded soul.
What is Luke’s favorite treat? Fresh Ranch dressing tasting

3rd Place


Parent Names: Charmaine and Ron Mendoza
Community: Dr. Phillips
What are some of Xelena’s favorite things? Dressing up, baking, arts and crafts, and she loves her scooter.
What is Xelena’s most precious moment? The afternoon she made her debut at Winnie Palmer and the morning she became a big sister. Both times, she literally took our breath away.
What is your favorite story to tell about Xelena? By 6 months old she had already visited more than a dozen states. She was quite the jet setter.
What is Xelena’s favorite treat? Chocolate ice cream with M&Ms at Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream


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