Masson Spine Institute Continues to Provide Safe, World Class Spine Surgery Amidst the Pandemic

As this COVID pandemic once again interrupts surgical practices throughout the region, Masson Spine Institute is here, independent, committed and dedicated to your spine surgery needs.  

We have not missed a day of service since the pandemic started and have our own private surgical facility where we continue to deliver the worlds finest and most advanced spine surgical solutions.

The Masson Spine Institute is a committed world leader in sports spine surgery with unique surgical specialization in cervical and lumbar herniated disc, arthroplasty or total disc replacement (TDR), and micro reconstruction of lumbar spondylolisthesis. We have served the world and our central Florida community for 22 years.

We are committed to optimizing all aspects of our spine health delivery solution for our patients, otherwise referred to as our 360 degrees of care in spine health. Our commitment and focus is geared towards encouraging prevention, wellness and fitness in our spine injured population. Surgery is used as an intervention when conservative therapy fails, the patient athlete loses agility, mobility and performance and in the face of neurological compromise.  

We will commit a cross sectional approach towards patient health, vitality and recovery from spine injury including innovation and performance in diagnosis, prehabiliation, technique, technology, prevention and recovery.  

All of our surgical procedures are image guided, microsurgical and less traumatic, non deconstructive solutions. We are the world leader and inventor of iMAS 360 lumbar reconstruction platform and an international destination for cervical arthroplasty.

We treat a broad variety of elite professional athletes and lifelong weekend warriors, recognizing the importance of spine surgery to highly functional people who have lost their functional capabilities in the midst of a spine health crisis.

Our focus is exceptional recovery in the face of a spine health crisis and we are committed to cross sectional approaches to return to maximum performance post episode of care.

If your surgery has been postponed and you feel like you are losing important spine health performance, reach out to us on our website and we will review your case and try to expedite your treatment so that you can get back to your best self forward.



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