What Are You Most Excited About This School Year?

After a year of virtual school, these Central Florida students share what they are most looking forward to as they prepare to go back into the classroom.

“What I am most excited for is the student body being back together in the upcoming year. I am also beyond excited to also participate in next year’s global games.”
-Jack, 7th grade, Windermere Preparatory School

“In this upcoming school year, I am looking forward to growing as a person, and expanding my communication circle. For me, school is not just about the education and learning aspect. It is about growing as an individual and training myself to communicate with others in a kind and respectful way. I cannot wait to start my 8th grade year at WPS, and grow more in who I am as a person!”
-Lorrin, 8th grade, Windermere Preparatory School

“I’m excited to see my friends!”
-Emmy, 1st grade, Princeton Elementary School

“I am excited to see my friends. There is lots of joy and kindness at my school.”
Frannie, 2nd grade, Audubon Park School

“I am excited about everything because I have never been to kindergarten before!”
-Pip, Kindergarten, Audubon Park School

“I’m excited about making crafts.”
-Annie, Kindergarten, Foundation Academy

“I hope I have the best teacher ever.”
-Ruby, Kindergarten, Dommerich Elementary School

“Miss Gekeler and Maddie. Excited for new friends, new teacher and going to the second floor.”

-Eleanor, 2nd grade, Dommerich Elementary School

“That’s a hard question. New friends, new teacher, and going school supply shopping.”
-Maddie, 2nd grade, Dommerich Elementary School

“I’m looking forward to a new school, where there will be good food and new friends.”
-Sam, 7th grade, The First Academy

“I’m looking forward to senior year and as student body president, I’m looking forward to
making it a great year for everyone and having a good time.”
-Kat, 12th grade, The First Academy

“I’m pretty new so I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, joining the soccer team, and my AP classes.”

-Daniela, 11th grade, The First Academy

“I am most excited about the things I couldn’t do because of COVID, having lockers, and not having to socially distance.”

-Bethany, 9th grade, The First Academy

“I am excited for school to start. I can’t wait for Market Day in 2nd grade.”

-Isabella, 2nd grade, The First Academy


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