How to Keep Your Dorm in its Most Organized Form

picture of a dorm room

As an incoming college freshman, you may be wondering how to organize your very first home away from home— don’t worry, I’m here to help. Whether living by yourself or with roommates, organizing your dorm room is a helpful way to make this room into a home.

Recognizing what you need and don’t need

When you’re packing to move into your dorm, this is a good time to really recognize what you’ll be using and wearing every day. It helps to make a packing list, not only to make sure you don’t forget anything but also to think through every item you’re bringing. Don’t pack anything that you don’t use frequently. Leave your ironing board, full-sized vacuum and twenty pairs of shoes at home. Opt for a steamer, mini vacuum and one or two pairs of shoes instead. Don’t take up valuable space with clutter. And don’t take up your drawers with too many clothes that will strain your back on laundry day.

Making the most of a small space

The thing about most dorms is that they’re notoriously small. Making the most of a small space can be made easy if you have the right supplies. Start off by getting some storage cubes or bins that you can stack. Stacking saves a lot of space. Utilize the room under your bed, at the top of your closet, in ottomans and on walls.

Hooked on hooks

Hooks on walls for jewelry, hooks over the door for towels and bags, hooks for wall decorations, the possibilities are endless! Hooks are a great way to utilize space above ground level. Most dorms have rules about putting holes in the walls, so make sure to use temporary or removable hooks if necessary.

Having a place for everything

Drawers and drawer organizers are very helpful for dedicating space to certain categories of items. For example, having separate sections in a drawer for makeup and hair supplies or socks and shorts can make putting those items away feel easier. It will also help you make the most of the space you have.

Having a separate work and lounge space

Working from bed not only makes you more susceptible to getting distracted, but it can also make it harder to fall asleep in that bed later once you associate that space with studying. Having an organized desk to work at is crucial to better study habits and a more functional workspace. Keep the things you use most on top of your desk and the things you don’t use as much under. Put the things you use most near your dominant hand and group similar items together. Being able to see everything will save you time and make putting things away easier.

Once you use these organization tips, you’ll never want to leave your dorm sweet dorm.


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