Family Seeking Answers in Hit and Run Death

One the night of April 16, 39-year-old Rasheed Wiggins left his wife Kimberly Wiggins at home while he made what the couple thought would be a quick trip to their neighborhood Walgreens. Since the store was so close to their home along Universal Boulevard, Rasheed walked next door to pick up what he needed. But he didn’t return home.

Instead, he was struck by three cars. Only one of the drivers – the last one who hit Rasheed – stopped to help, but it was too late. Now his wife and family are searching for answers and are enlisting the community’s help in getting them.

“I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my husband,” Kimberly says. “He was supposed to go to the store and return in 20 minutes. If I knew that was the last time I would have seen him, then clearly we would have done so many more things that day or that week.”

At the end of April, the Florida Highway Patrol located the first vehicle believed to have hit Rasheed, a 2012 white Toyota Prius. That clue hasn’t yet moved the case forward because the owner of the vehicle wouldn’t reveal who was driving it that night, FHP spokesperson Sgt. Kim Montes says. Authorities are currently waiting for evidence to come back from the lab, like DNA or clothing fibers, which could take months.

Montes also says that the FHP is still looking for tips about the second car. Described as an older model, white passenger vehicle, witnesses at the scene noted the driver was a female because her face was lit up by her smartphone.

“If your Spidey sense goes up and it doesn’t seem right, even if it seems small, I just beg them to say something,” Kimberly says. “It could be the one clue that could solve this case.”

Nearly two months later, Kimberly is preparing for her future without the person she wanted to spend it with. She is learning to live day by day without Rasheed, who she describes as the most amazing person she has ever met.

“The fact that at least two careless people took that away for me … and didn’t have the decency to stop and check on him, what could have potentially saved him, is disgusting because he had so much to give the world and we had so much left to do,” she says. “They stopped that and it’s not fair.”

The family recently increased the reward amount to $10,000 in the hopes that it would encourage someone to come forward with information that could help bring healing and closure for them and justice for Rasheed. Particularly, Montes says, authorities are asking for tips regarding the driver of the second vehicle. If you have any information, contact Crimeline at 407-423-8477 to give your tip anonymously.


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Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

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