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Since 1997, Florida Virtual School® (FLVS®) has worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality technology-based education for students. FLVS is a statewide public school district, chartered by the state of Florida to provide digital solutions to public, private, charter, and homeschool students, Kindergarten–12th grade.

Students within Florida are able to access more than 150 free courses. Advanced Placement® (AP), honors, NCAA-approved core, world languages, electives, college prep, and career and technical education are among the courses offered. FLVS is accredited by Advanced Education and the Southern Association of College and School Council on Accreditation and Improvement.

Our teachers are state certified in the content areas they teach and have completed extensive professional development in virtual education. With personalized instruction, FLVS provides custom solutions for students. Our competency-based learning model gives students the chance for continuous improvement.

FLVS offers a variety of full- and part-time solutions to meet your family’s needs. Many of our students take courses with FLVS while also enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school. They have access to courses 24/7/365 and follow a flexible calendar with rolling enrollment. We also offer the option for students to take all coursework through us, follow a traditional school calendar, and eventually graduate with an FLVS diploma.

Families love our school for a number of reasons. While taking a course with FLVS helps fulfill the online graduation requirement, for some students, it is a way to catch up and graduate on time. Others have enjoyed the flexible scheduling and take courses to work ahead. FLVS also supports many aspiring actors, athletes, and artists with their education.

Our one-to-one personalized instruction, engaging course content, and real-world technology practices enable us to provide the tools and knowledge students need in order to be successful. Based on May 2015 AP exams, FLVS Part Time students outperformed state overall averages by 8.1 percent in comparing the 14 AP courses offered by FLVS, and scored above the state qualifying AP average in 11 of the 14 courses.

Students who enroll with FLVS interact with teachers and peers in live learning sessions and collaborative assignments, and have the opportunity to participate in online clubs, events, and activities.

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