DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Drawing with chalk is a classic activity that brings back memories of fun and creativity! To take a spin on this sidewalk activity try creating puffy sidewalk chalk, a new and fun way to create the same bright colorful fun with an easy clean up!

What You Will Need



-Dish Soap

-Food Coloring

Plastic Squeeze Bottles

This recipe will make one squeeze bottle of puffy sidewalk paint, to make more bottles or more colors simply double the recipe to double the fun! Just remember to divide the base mixture before adding your food coloring to create your colors!

How To Make Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Combine flour and water in a medium to large size bowl and mix together until fully combined using either a whisk or stand mixer.

Once combined add in dish soap and mix thoroughly.

Take your desired color from your food coloring pack and add it into your mixture, mixing until combined.

Take your puffy sidewalk chalk mixture and fill into your squeeze bottle.

Repeat this process to create more colors , head outside and enjoy!


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