Orlando is One of the Top 10 Best Cities for Valentine’s Day

We all want a happy Valentine’s Day with our special person. What makes it even more special is knowing that the city you live in is one of the best cities to celebrate the holiday.

Orlando is one of those cities. The interesting part is it’s actually backed by research from WalletHub.

This personal finance website compared 100 of the largest U.S. cities across 25 key metrics, considering factors like florists per capita, precipitation forecasts and the cost of a three-course meal for two. Through this research, the most romantic and cost-effective cities for celebrating Valentine’s Day were discovered.

With the top three cities being San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas, Orlando isn’t far behind at No. 9. Orlando ranked above cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago and is also No. 4 on the list of most florists per capita.

The categories WalletHub used to compare cities were based on budget, activities, gift accessibility and weather forecast. In the budget category, which included the average ticket price of a Valentine’s Day party and the cost of a three-course meal for two, Orlando ranked 55. In the activities and gift accessibility categories, Orlando ranked 8. In the last category, weather forecast, Orlando ranked 47, which is understandable due to its sometimes unpredictable weather.

WalletHub also shared a bunch of interesting facts about this romantic day. Here’s what they came up with.

Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day
-The average person who celebrates Valentine’s Day spends around $161.96 on the holiday.
-As a whole, we spend about $20.7 billion during Valentine’s Day.
-Valentine’s Day is the third largest consumer holiday in the United States.
-Who doesn’t love a bargain?! 32 percent of people will buy their gifts at discount stores.
-Only 34 percent of couples actually plan a night out. The total amount spent on a night out is $3.5 billion.
-17 percent of people prefer Italian food to be their meal for this holiday.
-In 2018, men spent almost twice as much as women did.
-The average amount of money men spent on gifts for their wives was $357.96.
-52 percent of people decide to buy candy. Those 52 percent of people will spend a total of $1.8 billion on candy.
-35 percent of people plan to buy flowers. In total, they’ll all spend $1.9 billion on flowers.
-Some of the least-desired gifts include tools, a gym membership, sporting equipment, kitchen appliances, stuffed animals and a mix tape.
-Almost half of adults(49 percent) do not plan on celebrating this year!
-15 percent of Americans are planning on buying themselves a present.
-53 percent of Americans say it’s OK to have a first date on Valentine’s Day.
-50 percent of single people are proud of their relationship status.
-If they get nothing for Valentine’s Day, 53 percent of women say they would break up with their significant other.
-About 9 million marriage proposals will be made on Valentine’s Day this year.
-Tinder’s usage rises by 20 percent on Valentines Day.
-There is a 20 percent increase in new Match.com profiles the week after Feb. 14.
-In total, it’s estimated that people will spend $933 million on Valentine’s Day greeting cards this year.
-This year, Hallmark will offer over 1,150 types of Valentine’s Day greeting cards.


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