Lifestyle’s Top 5 Halloween Costume Predictions for 2017

While Halloween season is officially in full swing, some people have been planning their costumes for months. These are our predictions for the costumes that will be trending at Halloween parties in 2017.

Clowns: With movies like “It” featuring Pennywise and the new season of “American Horror Story” featuring a number of creepy clowns, including series favorite, Twisty, the clown craze is back. Expect to see these two famous clowns at Halloween parties and maybe even at your doorstep.

“Game of Thrones” HBO’s hit series just ended its most recent season. However, Halloween is the perfect time for enthusiastic GOT fans to show their love (and hate) for the characters of this mystical land.

Moana This animated Disney movie hit theaters last year, and we don’t think we’ve seen the end of the craze just yet. Whether it’s a costume off the rack or a DIY version from Pinterest, we think you’ll be seeing a lot of the chief’s daughter as trick-or-treaters wander the neighborhoods.

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Donald Trump We saw these costumes roaming the streets last Halloween, and even though election season is over, we’re expecting to see it again. This year, DIY Donald Trump costumes will target current events and may even include a Twitter reference. Couples who choose this theme will likely go the president and first lady route, including Melania Trump in the festivities as well.

“Stranger Things” The much-anticipated Netflix show will be back on Oct. 27. Binging the new season will leave its characters fresh in the minds of fans, so don’t be surprised if you bump into Eleven, Chief Hopper or the Demogorgon at Halloween parties.


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Written by Christina Diaz

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