Keilah Rios on Staying Motivated in 2022

With the new year upon us, we have researched some of the most try-worthy wellness trends of 2022.

Boosting Immune system

In the age of COVID-19 and all its different strains, boosting your immune system is at the top of everyone’s list for self-care. You can help strengthen your immune system by eating a balanced diet that provides nutrients from the five food groups, getting enough rest, and washing your hands. 

Keilah Rios is the owner of OG Fitness in St. Cloud. She says that going outside is a great way to help get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps strengthen your bones and muscles, while also supporting the immune, brain and nervous system. 

Being mindful 

Mindfulness is simply being aware of yourself while doing, well anything. Rios says that recently her clients want to have a healthier lifestyle. She says that to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must be active and eat the right foods.

“Being mindful about food portions is a huge part of it. It can make a huge difference, just being mindful of what you eat and how much of it you are eating,” Rios says. 

Daily Affirmations

Talking to yourself in a positive way is extremely important towards self-care and wellness. Rios recommends doing daily affirmations, which are simple positive statements that encourage your personal goals. 

“When you are intentionally doing daily affirmations, it really sets you up for success, even if you don’t believe it at first. If you tell yourself, ‘Okay here are my daily affirmations, this is what I am going to tell myself every day until I believe it’, it can set you up for success, change your outlook and really keep you going if you are kind to yourself first,” Rios says. 

Find an Accountability Partner

Sharing your goal with someone you trust can help keep you accountable. Your goal can be to go workout a specific number of times per week, eat healthier or try a new hobby. 

“Something that is really key is finding a support system and someone who will help keep you accountable and consistent,” Rios says. “In fitness this can be a personal trainer or in the form of a group class, where you get to know the other people and have a support system there.”

Having someone who knows your goals can help when you start to experience what Rios calls burnout. Once the initial exciting resolution wears off, your accountability partner can help encourage you when you start to lose motivation.  

Some other mindfulness trends worth mentioning

Face Yoga – using massage therapy to stimulate the skin and muscles in the face, like a jade roller.

Manifesting Journals – like daily affirmations, but instead of just saying them out loud to yourself, you write it down in your journal.

Sleep Tracking Devices – using a device like a phone, watch or other piece of jewelry to track the quality and quantity of sleep.


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