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The information economy in the 21st century calls for career training that prepares students fast for work in rapidly growing fields and emerging ones. Demand for skilled workers in trades like health care, information technology, construction and hospitality is at an all-time high, but a high school diploma alone just won’t cut it anymore. Employers are demanding credentials.

If you still have doubts about these facts, consider the following. A recent study by Harvard University found that by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs will require post-secondary education. Some studies predict that as many as 90 percent of these jobs will be attained via vocational and technical qualifications.

When deciding on a career path, students should consider pursuing a post-secondary education in one of the industries that is leading job creation in Florida and the nation. This includes health care, information technology, business and entrepreneurship, and hair styling and cosmetology.

Health Care

Workers who are able to interact with the public in health care or social assistance situations will find the most demand for jobs in Florida and the rest of the nation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified this industry as the one expected to gain the most jobs this decade. There should be 5.6 million new jobs in the health care field, making it a high-demand industry now and in the future. Jobs that fall under this category include work done in health offices, home health services, hospitals, residential care facilities and day care services.

Information Technology

Computer software and equipment is everywhere. A computer is no longer something that sits at a desk. Phones, TVs, cars, home alarm systems and many more everyday equipment and appliances are computerized. The result is a steady and ever-growing need for support specialists. With moderate training or vocational education, computer support specialists can earn a good salary and obtain job security.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Ours is an entrepreneur-driven economy. Business-related jobs like financial clerks, bookkeepers and administrative personnel are in high demand. The expertise to perform these jobs can be easily acquired through vocational training.

Hair Styling and Cosmetology

Beauty services are in high demand just about everywhere. People want to feel good about themselves, and barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists can help them do that. This industry has good growth and training from state-approved cosmetology programs. The pay is not high, with a median annual salary of $22,500, but the opportunities are good, especially for those who are self-employed.


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