DIY Pumpkin Painting

Looking for a Halloween project the whole family can get in on? Grab some paint, pumpkins and your favorite Halloween flick, and you’re ready to get spooky!

 What you need:

• Mini White Pumpkins (Check out your local Trader Joe’s. They have everything you need, including pumpkin butter – but that’s another story!)

• Acrylic Paints

• 9 oz. Disposable Clear Plastic Cups

• 1 inch Foam Brushes (One per color)

• MOST IMPORTANT: Newspaper or Plastic Table Cloth to protect your table

Step 1: Pick A Pumpkin

Step 2: Paint THAT Pumpkin

Step 3: You can do your favorite team colors for Dad and Mom, or superhero/ princess pumpkins for the kids. 

This is the easiest DIY. You literally can’t go wrong! It gives the kids freedom to be creative without the dangers of pumpkin carving. 


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