Experts Share How Leftovers Can Help You Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

Cleaning your kitchen to a high standard can be very time-consuming and expensive. The experts at CabinetSelect have revealed some surprising tips and DIY hacks for cleaning your kitchen to help you save both time and money.   

Don’t throw out your leftover onion! It could be your perfect cleaning tool  

Nobody likes wasting food, but unfortunately, a study by MITRE found that Americans throw away an average of 6.2 cups of food every week. If you have a leftover onion ready for the garbage, you may miss out on a quick and easy cleaning trick. Due to its natural acidity and fluids, an onion is an excellent cleaning tool for oven or barbecue grills. Turn on your oven or barbecue to heat the grills, then slice your onion in half, skewer it with a long fork, and rub the vegetable all over the grates for excellent results. By doing this easy DIY hack, you can remove dirt, grease, and food from your grills while sanitizing them.  


Olive oil is SUPERIOR to cleaning solutions on stainless steel  

While you can spend money wisely on high-quality, effective cleaning solutions, sometimes you only need a drop of olive oil. Stainless steel fixtures are a popular design choice in many kitchens. Still, they can be challenging to keep in sparkling condition. Using olive oil instead of standard cleaning solutions may be the secret to a shining stainless steel faucet. After removing dirt from the surface with water and soap, rub the dry surface with a small amount of olive oil before buffing it with a cloth. By repeating this process, you will end up with beautifully shining stainless steel surfaces as the olive oil acts as protective coating to keep smudges off for longer.  


The quickest and best way to deal with a dirty, greasy microwave  

A lemon is the answer to all your microwave cleaning problems. Microwaves can be one of the dirtiest kitchen appliances and are often left neglected, but following this simple trick, you can have yours looking spotless in just a few steps. Whether you have a leftover lemon or have just used one for cooking, this cleaning hack can work. Squeeze the lemon into a bowl and add the peel or place the empty peel in a bowl with some water. All you need to do is turn the microwave on for five minutes, leave the door closed for 10 minutes, and wipe down the insides. The built-up steam, as well as the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the lemon, will help lessen dirt and grime, remove odors, and simplify cleaning.  


Clean your oven while you sleep  

Save time scrubbing your oven by following this safe and easy hack to clean the interior while you’re sleeping. All that is required is a cleaning paste of ¾ of a cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of water. Apply your solution to the interior of your oven while avoiding the heating elements, letting it sit overnight while you rest. The difficult work is done for you. Gently scrub the paste away and wipe the inside down for a clean, hygienic oven.   

You might have a container of baking soda hidden deep in your kitchen cupboards, and it could be your solution to a fresh, clean kitchen. With incredible versatility and cleaning benefits, baking soda can also remove difficult stains on coffee cups by combining with warm water and scrubbing. If you want to bring the shine back to your silverware, you can soak it in a tray of water with a teaspoon of baking soda for optimal results. If you’re cleaning your sink, plastic containers, pots, or pans, baking soda will do the trick.   


Make your glass smear-free with cold tea   

Smudges on glassware and windows are frustrating yet inevitable. Using a cup of cold, black tea is an unusual, effective way to remove smears on glasses, windows, and more. The tannins in black tea work as a natural shining agent, allowing you to make your glass surfaces sparkle. You can create your own cleaning solution from cold teabags or directly wipe a cold teabag where you spot smudges or smears. Rub the solution with a microfiber cloth or paper towel before buffing it for shining results.  


Keep your kitchen woodwork in prime condition with vinegar and olive oil  

Treating and cleaning woodwork might seem difficult to the average homeowner, but you may already have the tools to keep your fixtures in top condition all year round. A cheap, effective way to clean your wooden cabinets and counters is to create a cleaning solution made up of four tablespoons of vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil, and two cups of warm water. This solution can be applied to your surfaces gently with a cloth for general cleaning and can even be enhanced with two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid for more effective cleaning and to cover any slight vinegar scent.  


Chris Alexakis, Co-Founder of CabinetSelect, commented: “By cleaning surfaces well and regularly, you will help keep the heart of your home in great condition with excellent hygiene levels.   

“Cleaning solutions can be expensive, and cleaning tasks can be incredibly time-consuming. By adopting these tips and hacks, you can maximize time and save money by using various household items to maintain a clean and healthy kitchen.”  


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