Dr. Lach’s Smart Aligners: A Better Way to Your Best Smile

Clear, removable aligners are popular among orthodontic patients now, but our office has had them since the 1990s. Through the years, treatments have become faster and easier while producing better results and healthier smiles. The most recent advancement is in-office 3D digital designing of clear, removable aligners in minutes that can be printed and ready for delivery right in the office. That’s right, same-day “LachAligners” are here, and I’m the first and only orthodontist in Central Florida to offer this exciting new service.

Faster, Better Results
Even the most tremendously difficult cases are now completed in almost half the time with clear, removable aligners that “Lach-on” and achieve great results with a fraction of the number of office visits than it used to take. These aligners produce amazing smiles in only six to nine months or less and with only four to five office visits from start to finish, including the placement of retainers. Even better, we’ve chosen to keep costs down to match the price of braces so everyone can be a candidate.

No Wait, Same-Day Aligners
I was chosen as one of 35 orthodontists nationwide to pioneer the newest innovation in clear aligner digital treatment planning — a programming software that scans a patient’s teeth and fully constructs their new smile right before their eyes. Once complete, the first clear aligner in their treatment plan is produced by an in-office 3D printer in about one hour. Instead of waiting 4-5 weeks to receive their first aligner from a lab, patients can watch it print and be out the door in a matter of minutes to start their treatment right away.

Saves Time and Provides Healthier Smiles
My patients can check in digitally, too. With a special smartphone app, they can scan their smile with aligners from the privacy of their home, or wherever they are, and send them to me every 10 days. After reviewing, I text them treatment progress updates and provide instructions for any necessary action steps to keep their treatment on track. This allows for more precise monitoring and a more comfortable patient experience.

The home scanning application allows any issues to be intercepted quickly and for proactive measures to be taken so treatments are free of delays, especially for younger patients. Making adjustments in real time and scheduling office visits to correct any issues not only saves patients’ time but also makes treatments safer as progress is made toward a beautiful new smile.

Better Overall Experience
With the new 3D digital designing, 3D printing and the home scanning app, the orthodontic experience is more comfortable and less intimidating for patients of all ages. Clearly and truly, a better way to your best smile.

About the Author:
Dr. David Lach is a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics for adults and children with over 27 years of experience in Central Florida. He has transformed nearly 20,000 beautiful smiles. Dr. Lach was recently awarded the distinction as Lake Nona’s only Platinum Specialist of Invisalign clear removable aligner treatments, which designates the highest level of training and experience. He was also chosen to pioneer the new clear aligner programming software in the Orlando market.


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Written by Dr. David Lach

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