National Mojito Day: The Drink You Were Mint to Enjoy

July 11 marks National Mojito Day, celebrating one of the world’s most iconic drinks. Here are some historical facts about the mojito, details about the drink, and where to enjoy one today!

History of the Mojito

According to NationalToday, the minty beverage dates back to 1586 as a classic Cuban drink. It is the national beverage of Cuba. Legend has it that Sir Francis Drake was looking for a cure for scurvy and dysentery after invading Cartagena de Indias en route to Cuba. He returned with a concoction of aguardiente – a Latin American liquor – sugarcane and mint. Drake’s crew loved the concoction and said they saw reduced symptoms. That concoction was the first step in the mojito we know and love today. 

Since the 16th century, the mojito has grown in popularity across the globe. Since its genesis, however, the ingredients used to make one of these drinks have changed and expanded. Let’s take a look at a basic mojito’s ingredients as well as its variations. 

What Goes Into a Mojito 

Mojitos are a surprisingly simple drink, consisting mainly of rum – or any light, base spirit – lime juice, sugar, sparkling water, mint, and sometimes syrup. Like any good product, however, the more options, the better. 

Variations of the drink include fruit-flavored options such as strawberry, raspberry, or mango. Adding fresh fruit provides sweetness, flavor, and a gustatory explosion of color. It can also distract some of the potent sting from the lime and mint, easing the experience on the tongue.  Another add-on to your mojito that will bring more sparkles and buzz to your sip is champagne. 

No matter where you may be, the mojito will always be synonymous with summer and relaxation, so today is the best day to enjoy. 

Where to Find Mojitos 

In honor of National Mojito Day, City Works Eatery & Pour House at Disney Springs shares one of its own takes on the famous drink. The Cranberry Mojito is a refreshing mix of Bacardi Limón, cranberry juice, lime, mint, dried cranberries, and soda. 

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar on International Drive also celebrates National Mojito Day with $5 mojitos between 5:00pm. and 6:00 p.m. Each of its made-to-order mojitos consists of fresh lime juice, mint, club soda, and guarapo – a Latin American alcoholic drink fermented from sugarcane. 

More Information

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