Create Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Serving a cocktail that represents your love and relationship is an easy and fun way to put a personalized twist on your big day.

Getting started on creating a signature cocktail can be daunting, but the experience can be delightful when you keep the basics in mind. While brainstorming your perfect drink, think about what you and your significant other like to sip on then incorporate your favorites into your cocktail hour. Whether you’re bubbly with champagne or wishing for whiskey, narrowing down the type of liquor you wish to serve is the first step.

If your flavor profiles differ and you’re having a hard time compromising on just one drink, consider having the best of both worlds and serving one for each of you. Having a cocktail for the bride and the groom on the menu allows for each of you to create a flavor profile that encompasses you perfectly, while also offering your guests more options to choose from. Drinks can differ in flavor profile, liquor type or even just color and garnish. The creation or creations you make will be memorable no matter what.

Keeping the drink sentimental can make for a cocktail you will always remember — and one that you will enjoy for many years to come. Consider going with the drink you had on your first date or coming up with a new, memorable drink together. Turn the wedding planning task of crafting your cocktail into a fun date night by having a tasting at home, or turn it into a double or triple date by inviting your wedding party, too. 

Whether your drink is something new or something old, it’s sure to be a craft cocktail you will never forget.   

3 Tips for Crafting Your Perfect Cocktail

1. The Name Game: Keep the name of your drink short and sweet. Use wedding-themed words like “The Blushing Bride” for pink cocktails or “Tai-ing the Knot ‘’ for a Mai Tai. 

2. Think in Theme: Consider the month, the location or the color scheme or your wedding to develop distinct flavor profiles and elements that can tie in beautifully. Examples of such combinations include bright and fruity champagne cocktails for a summer beach wedding or Whiskey Lemonades for a southern-inspired event.  

3. Make it Easy: The drink you choose could make or break your bar. Prevent long lines by choosing a drink that can be made quickly or prepped ahead of time in batches. Sangria is easy to make in large batches while champagne cocktails are quick to pour.


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