Leading the Way for a Thriving Lake Nona

Members of the Chamber of Commerce meet to discuss initiatives for Lake Nona.

Happy February, Lake Nona!

As you may know, I currently serve as the Interim President/CEO of the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce. My professional and educational experiences include over 44 years as an association and non-profit executive, including 24 years as President of the Central  Florida Hotel and Lodging Association. In 1995, I also earned a master’s degree in Non-Profit Management from Eastern University. 

It is important to note that my early observations of this exciting Chamber and our remarkable Community were positive. The Lake Nona region features enthusiastic entrepreneurs and individuals that dream big. Secondly, your Chamber Board, the Members, and the Staff are collectively and furiously working toward the goals of opportunity, progress, and commerce for the citizens and businesses of the area.

You may want to review the LNRCC website to discover opportunities for involvement and participation. Contact Keilah Rios from the Chamber Team to discuss membership via phone at (407) 738-7764 or via email at Keilah@LakeNonaCC.org).  

If your New Year’s Resolutions included community engagement, I ask you to consider attending a Chamber activity during February!

As we continue building our Lake Nona region, I invite you to become a difference maker. 


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Written by Rich Maladecki

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