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In my 25 years of practicing civil litigation, I have developed a tried-and-true method of prosecuting our client’s claims. Our firm concentrates on representing injured people who are victims of other’s negligence as well as victims of insurance companies’ wrongful conduct. Over the years, we have filed claims for and litigated thousands of lawsuits throughout the State of Florida.

Most of our success is attributable to our case preparation from the outset. From the moment a client comes to our office, we begin our interview with trial in mind. We seek out the details of each case so that we can formulate a plan to present it in the most favorable light for our client.

Our office has an organized method of case preparation and movement which means each employee is aware of their responsibility for the progression of each claim. Our employees are trained to be responsive to our client’s individual needs and to pay close attention to litigation requirements and deadlines. Each of our files are maintained in the same manner so that any employee can access the information they require quickly and easily. In addition, we have a paperless automated system that can allow employees to access files from anywhere in the world.

As a successful and experienced litigator, I can quickly and easily mold new hires into fierce defenders of justice. New attorneys are given an overview of case progression, expectations for outcome and taught our philosophy of “clients first.” I personally supervise each new attorney to gauge their knowledge and lawyering skills before I allow them to assume responsibility for a client’s case. I also encourage each new attorney to attend depositions and hearings with me so they can see how I present my cases in court or how I strategically depose witnesses and defendants. In this way, newly hired attorneys gain skills and confidence much quicker than if they were to venture on their own. This also helps me ensure that our newly hired attorneys maintain the standard of excellence that we have demonstrated in court for over 25 years.

We understand that clients who seek our representation are either in pain from an injury or feel confused and lost because of a wrongful insurance denial. Because of this, we strive to keep our clients informed of the progression of each claim by sending them copies of correspondence that we generate and forward them important information that we receive from insurance companies and defense attorneys. We give each client a folder to maintain the paperwork that they receive and encourage them to call us if they have questions or concerns.

Our clients make the final decision regarding the settlement of their case. We will not settle the case until our client fully understands the settlement terms and conditions and ramifications of accepting it. Our attorneys are trained to speak to our clients in an understandable fashion. We will not ask a client to sign anything that they do not fully understand and will spend as much time as necessary to help them comprehend any of the paperwork we present.

To be sure this methodology works, our firm’s referrals come from former clients, local physicians and public adjusters and roofing consultants. We are not asking for every case because we do not believe that we can give excellent service to thousands of clients a year, but we know we have given excellent service to thousands of clients over the years.


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