Let Someone New Plan Your Summer Picnic

Meet Jillian DeAnnutis and discover how her business The Picnic Fairy &Co. creates Pop-Up Picnics for special moments. 

What do you get when you combine a big juicy piece of watermelon, golden fried chicken and homemade potato salad? A fun and traditional summertime picnic. To make the day even grander, add a glass of refreshing, tangy lemonade to cool down a hot sunny afternoon, enjoyed in a grassy meadow alongside a cool creek, creating a dreamy, lazy sunny day.

Picnics are still a strong tradition and a huge part of our lives and memories. The only difference is picnics have become more involved in special events and lasting historical memories in people’s lives. The Picnic Fairy allows these events with a picnic backdrop, from engagements to weddings to revealing parties to a girl’s day out. 

Having been blessed with a special needs daughter, Jillian DeAnnuntis, Founder and CEO of The Picnic Fairy & Co., needed a way to secure an income that did not require traditional hours. “I needed a way to bring in additional income and still be available for my family,” Jillian explained. “It was during the pandemic that it came to me that people wanted to get together while staying safe, and I love the outdoors, so it seemed to be a good solution,” she continued.   

Jillian sincerely conveyed her vision of creating a family business and aspires to provide employment opportunities for those caring for children with special needs.

Based out of Clermont, Florida, she posted her first mock setup and soon after had a “Friendsgiving” event for her friends and family. After posting pictures of the family event within two weeks, she started getting bookings for various occasions.

Within a few weeks, the business started growing. So, Jillian expanded her locations within a year, with family in South Florida, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. When Jillian expanded her business with a fifth branch in North Florida, she employed Jennifer Turak, a mother to a daughter with special needs. She knew that this was the right person to share her business with.

The Picnic Fairy has catered to various settings, ranging from intimate gatherings of two to formal occasions of 30, in locations such as beaches, parks, homes, indoor venues, and beyond. Although Jillian doesn’t directly offer food and beverages, she collaborates closely with vendors to ensure the finest culinary selection. The Picnic Fairy handles all vendor pickups, ensuring the food and drinks arrive alongside the decor setup.

Brie Beautiful Boards, a charcuterie vendor, is favored highly by Jillian. It is owned and operated by Gianna DeAnnuntis, Jillian’s daughter. The young entrepreneur started her charcuterie business soon after her mother started the Picnic Fairy. She realized there was a prominent place for charcuterie in picnics and social gatherings. “Gianna is our favorite charcuterie vendor to work with,” her mother delightedly explained. Brie Beautiful Boards’ specialties are charcuterie grazing boards for as small as two guests up to 175 or more.

“Our clients do not have to do a thing. We pick up from the vendors, set up, and clean everything. The clients come, enjoy themselves, and then leave”, she said excitedly.

For more information, you may reach The Picnic Fairy at https://picnicfairy.com/


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Written by Joyce Bliss

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