How to Create a Relevant Instagram Profile and Bio


Are you thinking about starting a brand new Instagram account for your business but have no idea how to go about it? Are you having trouble growing your Instagram account and have a feeling it’s because your profile isn’t as good as it could be?

Social media has created a new way of communicating for brands, businesses, and other social media users. Brands can now communicate directly with their customers in real time to get answers or show gratitude. Social media is also a great marketing tool for companies, in addition to all of the actual tools and service such as Growthoid, which helps them to reach out to so many more potential customer who are looking for the products they sell because of the sheer size of the apps and the amount of people who make use of them.

One of the most social media platforms for all things marketing is Instagram. If you are new to Instagram, or just social media in general, and want to create an account but aren’t sure how to go about setting up the perfect profile, here are some tips to create the best profile possible.

Use call to action

When it comes to regular Instagram profiles, it is understandable why not too many people know about call to action, the profiles don’t really allow for this. However, you can switch your account to a business account where you can have a bunch of call to action buttons in your bio. Call to action or CTA is essentially an “instruction” for the users to follow.

Examples of various call to action buttons that you can include in your bio are a direct line to call your business, or a direct button to email you, or even a direct link to your website. You can also use call to action phrases in your bio like “don’t forget to like and follow” and others of the sorts. A lot of the time, when asked, people will follow instruction, even if it’s not something is important, so take advantage of it.

Carefully select a profile image

Choosing a right profile photo seems easy enough right? All you have to do is find something that looks nice and then you’re done. This may seem like the case but it is actually a bit more detailed than that. If you are wanting to have a successful Instagram account to need to make sure that your profile is set up correctly, and this includes your picture. Your profile picture if going to be your identifying feature that people will be using to recognise you by. This is why it is so important to have something that links to your business or brand, and is clearly visibly in the little circle icon where it will be displayed for other to see. If you are going to use a logo, try to make sure that the whole logo fits in the frame and is easily readable.

Don’t choose a regrettable username

You username is the very first thig that you will need to choose when creating your Instagram account. It is so easy to choose something that you might regret in the future or to choose a name that you don’t end up liking because the name you wanted wasn’t available anymore, but you really just need to spend some extra time thinking about exactly what it is you want to be known as.

A few tips to follow are that you should always keep it short and sweet, and easy to remember, but you should also try to keep it either the same or as similar as possible to the name of your brand or business so as not to cause any confusion among your customers and followers.

Use hashtags and links

Hashtags use to be a thing that you could only ever put in the captions of your content so that people looking up the hashtags could see them but now they are so much more, and this can also help you to gain a strong follower base. These days you can now include hashtags in your bio making you bio searchable with that hashtag too! This helps your account become more searchable and optimises it for searching. Not only this, but you can also put links into your bio, and this is a great way to drive traffic to your website.


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