Axiom Bank: Three Tools for Personal Finance

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“There’s an app for that.” It’s sometimes said as a joke, but there really does seem to be a tech-based solution to most of life’s daily problems. With a tap, swipe or scroll, we can buy groceries, enroll in an online course, start a new fitness routine or do business across the world.

Technology is simple and it’s accessible. But, for most of us, those words don’t come to mind when we think of financial management.

That’s why financial institutions like Axiom Bank are using technology to bring ease and convenience into the lives of their customers. Mobile banking puts control of your finances where it belongs – with you.

When it comes to technology, Axiom is determined to push the envelope further. Recently, we spoke with Urjit Patel, Executive Vice President of Consumer Banking, about how Axiom is working to make life easier for customers.

    Deposit anywhere.

    Soon, Axiom users will be able to make deposits almost anywhere, even if there’s no Axiom Bank branch or participating ATM. “You won’t have to worry about where life takes you,” says Patel. “It takes one small source of stress away.”

    Online-only saving.

    “Some statistics show that two-thirds of Americans don’t have the capacity to handle a $500 emergency,” Patel says, referencing this report. “That’s a big problem. Plenty of people want to save more, but they don’t know where to start.”

    Axiom Bank recently introduced a new savings account that offers a competitive rate. Anyone can start putting their money to work for them by walking into one of the 21 Axiom branches and opening a Big Savings account with a $25 deposit.

    Checking for teens.

    As any parent knows, it’s a challenge to teach your kids strong financial values. There’s a fine balance between helping them manage their funds and giving them the independence to make sound decisions. That’s why Axiom Bank offers teen accounts. Parents can visit a branch with their 16 and 17-year-old children to establish an account, which they can monitor activity through the Axiom Bank app.

“It’s about giving kids a safe space to interact with real financial instruments like checking, saving and budgeting,” says Patel. “When they handle money as adults, they’ll be ready.”

With Axiom Bank’s app, anyone can be an expert in personal finances. Just set up an account in minutes from your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be able to manage your money from the palm of your hand.

“Everything we do is designed to make life easier for our users,” says Patel. “But when someone needs help, all our experts are located in one place, ready to provide answers.”

About Axiom Bank

Axiom Bank N.A., a nationally chartered community bank headquartered in Central Florida, provides retail banking services, including checking, deposit, and money market accounts. It also offers commercial banking services, treasury management services and commercial loans for real estate and business purposes.


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