Axiom Bank Asks, “What Comes Next, Florida?”

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A year ago, phones in Axiom Bank’s commercial lending department started ringing off the hook – and they haven’t stopped. On the other end are business owners or entrepreneurs hoping to talk to someone – anyone – who can help with pandemic-induced concerns, challenges and government relief programs.

When business owners were turned away for Paycheck Protection Program loans at other banks, Axiom’s team worked around the clock to provide the information and support customers needed. That work paid off. In the first round of loans, we connected Florida’s small businesses with $70 million in aid.

But, for Axiom, this is nothing new. Since we were founded in 1963 as the first minority-owned banking institution in Florida, we’ve always believed in the importance of building a stronger community through personal relationships. That means helping our neighbors through the pandemic – and beyond.

Even with widespread vaccinations, easing economic conditions and rising consumer confidence, there won’t be a “quick fix” that will take us back to the way things used to be. But as Florida’s population grows – attracting new talent, better infrastructure and fertile soil for enterprise – there are ample opportunities for businesses to recover.

And when they do, Axiom will be there to help. We’re expanding our small business lending program, which helps entrepreneurs find customized financial solutions for every step of their journey. Whether you’re opening the doors for the first time or reopening them after a long time, our team can work with you to provide SBA and USDA lending that is designed around your individual needs.

For banks and businesses alike, the post-pandemic world comes with a whole new playbook. It’s said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and that held true in 2020. Driven by the need to keep communities safe, companies turned toward virtual platforms for everything from recruiting new hires to delivering products. At Axiom, we kept our customers connected by prioritizing best-in-class digital solutions. But no matter how quickly technology advances, the heart of good business still resides in one-on-one conversations, real relationships and knowing Axiom is here for you. That’s why we’re also building out our physical footprint with flagship branches in Winter Park and Tampa.

When you choose Axiom, you’ll work with a team of friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable team members who are here for you in good times and bad. With real conversations, familiar faces and a long-term commitment to your business’s success, we’ll help you get back to work faster … with solutions that work better.


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Written by Dan Davis

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