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West Orange Chamber Supports the Business Community

The West Orange Chamber of Commerce builds partnerships, strong businesses and commitment to the community by serving as the leading business advocate in Central Florida, Facilitating Opportunity to more than 1,000 member businesses. In 2015, 2012 and 2009, the West Orange Chamber of Commerce received the prestigious State of Florida’s Chamber of the Year award.

West Orange Chamber Supports the Business Community

There are many occasions when it is easy to see the benefits you receive as a West Orange Chamber of Commerce member. When collaborating with other chamber members and attending chamber events, the rewards are often immediate and tangible. What may be less noticeable are the efforts made by chamber leadership, staff and committees to advocate for positions that will benefit the entire West Orange business community.

A recent example of business advocacy is through the chamber’s Economic and Governmental Advocacy Committee. The EGAC pushed for the timely development of a design and reconstruction effort for the SR 50 interchange with Florida’s Turnpike. The recommended changes will create an economic development corridor south of SR 50, and studies have shown that this will accommodate rising traffic levels and ease commutes.

The EGAC has also worked alongside the Orange County Charter Review Commission to review the current initiative petition process. Suggested changes would provide a clear and concise guide for petitioners seeking to amend the charter and adopt or amend ordinances. Following the EGAC’s recommendation that the WOCC board of directors take a position on these issues, the board voted in support of these stances.


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