Unique Christmas Traditions From Around The World You Should Know

Traditional christmas market in the historic center of Frankfurt, Germany

If you’re all about traveling during the holidays or learning new traditions, remember the custom way to celebrate them! Many countries and states have wonderful Christmas traditions you can embrace, whether on your travels or looking for a new way to enjoy the holidays from home. 

Germany, Advent Calendars  

While we have advent calendars in the States, Germany was the first to use them to mark off the days before Christmas! Get an advent calendar this December to enjoy a surprise each day while counting down to Christmas. 

Japan, Romantic Dates

Christmas Eve in Japan is seen as a very romantic day and is the perfect night for a date night with your partner. Enjoy the holiday festivities and decorations while exchanging your gifts with one another and grabbing dinner. A popular Christmas delicacy in Japan is KFC and cake, so be sure to dine on these! 

Origins Unknown, Christmas Pickle 

A fun tradition is hiding a pickle ornament in the tree and giving a gift or the fortune of a good year to the first person who finds it! Many people are still determining where the Christmas pickle tradition originated. Many people of different cultures embrace it. 

Australia, Surfing Santas

Florida is the perfect state to embrace this tradition! In Australia, people dressed in Santa attire take to the beach and catch some waves. You can see some Surfing Santas locally in Cocoa Beach on Christmas Eve morning! 

Iceland, Christmas Book Flood 

Are you a book lover wanting to get your loved ones into reading? Iceland has a great tradition called Jolabokaflod, where you exchange and read books on Christmas Eve. What could be more cozy? 

Mexico, Christmas Piñata 

A Christmas piñata is a great tradition in Mexico. Using a seven-pointed star piñata to represent the seven deadly sins being broken by the piñata stick is customary. The piñatas are used at posadas, which celebrate the religious aspects of Christmastime. 

France, 13 Desserts

Thirteen is a very lucky number when it comes to sweets! French households prepare 13 desserts to represent Jesus and the 12 apostles. The desserts are served on Christmas Eve, so there is much to choose from and enjoy with your family!

Canada, Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Many holiday parties make it custom to hold an ugly Christmas sweater day. While it is seen as a very American tradition, the first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was held in Vancouver in 2002 and became a popular party activity afterward. 


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