How to Use Analytics on Instagram


Have you recently started using Instagram as a way to market your brand but have no idea if it is actually working? Have you ever thought about looking at the analytics for your Instagram account to see just how well your account might be doing?

Instagram is a social media app that has been around since 2010. It’s by far the most popular photo-sharing platform in the world with over 500 million active daily users and approximately 1 billion active monthly users as of December 2016.

For markets, Instagram provides an opportunity to reach a larger audience quickly and easily while building brand awareness for their products or services. Not only is social media important for a business to thrive but you have to know what is happening on each platform with the accounts you have. Here is how you can use analytics on Instagram.

Why are they important?

When it comes to posting on social media, especially on Instagram, it not enough to just post whatever you like, whenever you want to or whenever you have something to post. Social media marketing is a strategic thing that has to be done with research into your target audience.

This research comes from analytics. Analytics are so important when it comes to social media marketing because they tell you absolutely everything you need to know about just how well your account it doing and they show you where you content is lacking so that you can try to improve. Your analytics will show you the type of engagement you have, while also allowing you to discover what kind of content your audience likes the most, if your hashtags are effective, or if you should use a tool that generates them like Task Ant, what kind of tone your account should be following. Analytics can even tell you what the best posting times are for your account in order to reach your target audience at the time when they are most active.

Analytics can change very quickly so it is important to check up on them regularly to ensure they you keep up to date with the demand of your follower base and make the most of the opportunities your account has.

How to see them

Before being able to review you analytics on Instagram you need to ensure that you Instagram profile has been set to a business profile. This will firstly allow you to access a whole new world of features, including the analytics of your account. If you want to access these analytics you need to go to your profile and click on the tab called insights.

Here you will find a variety of analytics from the accounts reached, content interactions, total followers, as well as the engagement on the content you have shared such as stories, photos, IGTV, and promotions. There are also various different external tools that will give you more in depth look into your analytics and how well your account is doing.

The analytics and what they mean

As mentioned earlier there are so many different things that you will be able to see once you have accesses you analytics. These being the overview analytics such as the account that you have reached, the content interaction you have had, and the total number of followers you having including the growth of your followers.

Other analytics include the content you have shared and the kind of engagement you have received on each as well as how much engagement you have received on each such as in your stories, reels, feed, IGTV, and promotions. It is very important to keep an eye mostly on the engagement of you content and how those analytics are adjust and evolving, and continually think of new ways to increase your followers on Instagram. Engagement it key when it comes to growing a successful Instagram account and you want to ensure that you are reaching your target audience efficiently and effectively.

While analytics may seem irrelevant to someone who has just started out promoting their brand or business on Instagram, it is clear that making use of the analytics of your account is so important when it comes to the growth and success of your account. If you don’t make use of the information your analytics provide you are missing out on a whole world of changes that you could be making to make your account even better and more appealing to your audience.


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