5 to Stay Alive

With today’s ever-changing times, safety is a leading concern. Whether you’re going for a run, working late into the night, traveling to a new place or even going out on the town with friends, today’s technology can give you peace of mind without restricting your lifestyle.

Watch Over Me
Walking through a darkened parking lot is always disconcerting. Feel more at ease with the Watch Over Me app. Simply tell the app what activity you’re doing and how long it takes. If you haven’t checked in by the time the timer hits zero, it will automatically contact designated friends with your location. Or with a quick tap of the emergency alert button you can get immediate help. Even better, you can activate the app in a hurry with just one shake. Starting at $4 a month for advanced features, this app is available for both iOS and Android.

React Mobile
If you fear that your phone won’t be in reach to call for help, React Mobile has thought of that. Along with the “Follow-Me” feature that lets you share your GPS location with friends and family to track your whereabouts in real-time, you can also buy a React Sidekick. This Bluetooth panic button can be activated with one click to alert your friends and even the police. Available for iOS, Android and Amazon, this free app is perfect for running alone, meeting new clients, keeping track of loved ones or for students walking alone through campus.

Circle of 6
Everyone looks for ways to get out of uncomfortable situations. Two taps lets your six emergency contacts know where you are and that you need help. This app also has the option to set a hotline call number, emergency service alerts and even a sexual assault alert. Originally designed for college students to prevent sexual violence, it’s also handy for teenagers, parents, friends or all communities seeking to foster healthy relationships and safety. It is free on iOS and Android devices.

Not only can runners track their workout with the RunRaegis app, but it also has a built-in safety component that allows them to stay focused on their fitness. If trouble arises, the Panic Button feature will send an alert to your contacts while playing a loud siren and strobe light and recording several minutes of sound that becomes available to your contacts. Available in both a free and subscription option, you can choose the version that works best for the way you train.

For those that often use Uber or Lyft services, or who take traditional taxis, this app makes safety the top priority. With its “RealTime Route Deviation Detection,” you just enter your destination, and if the driver deviates from the intended route then your friends and family, as well as the app’s support team, will be alerted. RideSafe is the perfect companion to any travel app and is free for both iOS and Android devices.


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