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Welcome to the Doll House
This homeowner was looking for a “doll house” retro style and was willing to take some design risks by looking for vintage, one-of-a-kind furniture. One of the best ways to design a space while staying eco-friendly is to go the vintage route. Re-finishing a piece that already exists is one way to reduce a new piece from being created. This can also be a more affordable way to get the real design classic versus a cheap reproduction. This can reduce your overall carbon footprint as well as support small, local businesses like 1618 Something Different who specialize in vintage and antique furniture and accessories. This 1950s-era tulip table was a bit rundown when it was first purchased, but once it was re-sprayed, the fiberglass shell and aluminum base became like brand new.

Outta Sight Lights
Another vintage piece from 1618 is the spun fiberglass light fixture hanging above the table. The orange hue, rounded shape, and playful twists of the fiberglass give a nod to the spirit of the ‘70s. When combined with the table set from the ‘50s and modern soft touches like the gray chevron curtain panels and colorful table setting, the overall result is a unique take on the retro look. Feathering together mixed periods in this way creates interest and ensures a design that you won’t find anywhere else.

A Far Out Focal Point
This reproduction of a beautiful piece of art – reminiscent of the time periods represented throughout the home – was the focal point of the entire design. The color palette is displayed in the details found in both the lounge and the living room. Taking inspiration from one vibrant piece is an easy way to pull the flow of the design through several rooms at one time. This shows that an affordable reproduction can produce the same effect as an original.

This Paper is Primo
Mid-century designs often included colorful and funky wallpaper, or wall coverings. This design style is known for being a major commitment due to its burdensome removal. This living room’s groovy purple and gold wall covering uses temporary paper that goes up and stays up with an adhesive backing but is easily removable when tastes change or it’s time for a move. Add the retro glam wall covering to an accent wall and add artwork or accessories to make it feel more homey.

Can You Dig the Details?
The living room features mostly modern pieces that have a retro look, but the side table is a vintage find that works perfectly with the ‘70s feel of the space. Accessorize with items in similar shapes and colors to the piece’s design or add books from the time period for an extra touch of vintage.


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