The Latest in EyeWear Trends

Eyewear trends in 2022 span a wide field of vision. Extensive frame options, new technologies and online convenience will reflect your style and values.  

Your priority, of course, is selecting the perfect frame. After all, you want to look great while seeing clearly. Visionworks of America, a retail optical company, lists retro glasses as the number one trend for 2022. You can trend-set with 1950s inspired cat frames. Versace also offers a classic cat-frame shape in an updated translucent gray. For a more distinct look, eyewear designer Vint & York offers their geometric cat-eye frame. No worries if the feline look is not for you. The retro look provides other options, such as round wire-frames to the classic aviator. 

Want more options? Both Visionworks and Orlando Eyecare optometrist Dr. Kirk Smith foresee the demand for oversized frames continuing through 2022. Large frames are in high demand due to COVID-19 because, according to Visionworks, they “offer more protection for the eyes” from viruses. Smith adds that popular frame colors are blue, green and matte metal. Translucent frames with muted colors are also a favorite, especially with oversized styles.  

Want style and eco-friendly eyewear? Then you’ll want to look into Dragon’s options. Each frame is made from five recycled water bottles. Sires Eyewear, a U.S. custom frame manufacturer, also specializes in eco-friendly. Sires designs frames made of recyclables such as vinyl records, but it is most well known for its wood frames. 

Your unique frames also need lenses. Dr. Smith anticipates that the interest in blue light filtering lenses will continue to grow because of increased screen time due to COVID. Research by Harvard Medical School has found that the blue light emitted from digital screens inhibits melatonin, the hormone essential for sleep. “Some patients,” explained Smith, “also believe the lenses prevent macular degeneration, a condition causing blurred or reduced vision. While there is currently no proof of blue light filters preventing macular degeneration, there are several studies due to be released soon.” Depending on the findings, demand may increase. Nevertheless, blue light filtering lenses do provide many benefits. 

Ultimately, eyewear choice is focused on frame style. COVID and improved technologies have led to an increase in virtual try-on apps and online purchases. Consumers select the style most pleasing to their eye from the safe comforts of home. Online retailers such as Warby Parker, and offer virtual try-on apps you can use from a phone or webcam. Warby Parker’s website also provides an eight-item quiz to help you narrow your selections. 

There’s no other way to frame it; the 2022 eyewear trends in frames, lenses and convenience are spectacular.


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