The Bald and the Beautiful

A special thanks to Primrose School of Lake Nona for opening their facilities for this photo shoot.

1st Place Chloe Perdue
Age: 9 months
Proud parents: Courtney and Cooper Perdue
Community: Downtown Orlando
Most precious moment: The day after Christmas, we were playing with some of Chloe’s new toys. She had successfully pulled up onto her play drum and stood there trying to figure out what to do next. She then looked over at us and said, “Mama!” It took us by surprise, and it was a moment I’ll never forget.
What makes Chloe smile: She is generally a really happy girl, but when her Mom or Dad gives her a big smile, she always smiles right back.
Favorite toy: A drum set. She loves making music and doing the Seminole war chant while banging on the drums. She also really enjoys eating the drumsticks.
Favorite story: Chloe’s Pop Pop taught her how to hold the phone up to her ear when she was just a few months old. He pretends like he is answering the phone by saying, “Chloe Perdue? One sec!” He then puts the phone up to her ear and she holds it like she is having a conversation.

2nd Place Sarai Gaye
Age: 13 months
Proud parents: Meghan and Trevor Gaye
Community: Dr. Phillips
Most precious moment: When Sarai wants to cuddle before and after she sleeps.
What makes Sarai smile: Being outside
Favorite toy: Her tea set
Favorite story: Sarai loves to dance to any music, especially when Mickey Mouse Club House and Elmo are on.

3rd Place Joshua Holtrey
Age: 9 months
Proud parents: Lauren and Robert Holtrey
Community: Winter Park
Most precious moment: When Joshua first wakes up in the morning and we walk into his room, his smile just melts our hearts. What makes Joshua smile: His parents being silly.
Favorite toy: Baby maraca
Favorite story: For our first wedding anniversary, we went to New Smyrna Beach with Joshua. He was two months at the time. He absolutely loved being in the ocean with Mommy and Daddy. He is our best gift ever.


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