Strokes of Genius

1st Place
Angee Ferrin
Community: Dr. Phillips
Title of artwork: “Chilled”
Artistic inspiration: Angee’s love and curiosity for the arts drove her to study the pointillism technique, which has influenced her style and led her to a colorful path of expressions and emotions. When creating this art piece, she was inspired by the human perception of taste. With “Chilled” she tried to defy the nature of the senses, inviting the audience to experience a combination of colors, shapes and emotions and to open the mind to the sweetest taste of the imagination.
Barbara Hartley says: “Chilled” by Angee Ferrin is vibrant with wonderful texture and the prefect subject matter for The Vineyard Wine Bar. The geometric shapes, color and light come together in a unique way.

2nd Place
Michelle Irizarry
Community: Stoneybrook East
Title of artwork: “Lost”
Artistic inspiration: Irizarry’s inspiration for this piece came from living with chronic illness for the past five years and feeling like her old self was lost. During that time she felt bare, alone and confused, and those were the feelings she tried to capture in her painting.
Barbara Hartley says: The title says it all. Michelle Irizarry skillfully captures the emotion of this girl’s vulnerability. While there is likely more to the story, the rich color palette and the stillness of the figure is moving.

3rd Place
Gilda Espinera
Community: Orlando
Title of artwork: “The Lovers”
Artistic inspiration: Ranice, Gilda’s daughter, shared the subject matter of peacocks with her mother. Gilda did her best to give her daughter what she had envisioned. The result is an acrylic painting of two peacocks on opposite limbs looking at one another.
Barbara Hartley says: Peacocks are familiar in Central Florida, yet it’s rare to see a white peacock. Gilda Espinera’s large-scale painting is a beautiful depiction of the male and female peacock positioned as two lovers in their natural environment.

Barbara Hartley joined the Downtown Arts District as executive director in 2011. She has a passion for the arts and enjoys community service. Prior to the Downtown Arts District, Hartley’s background was in marketing and business development. She currently serves as a trustee of the American Advertising Federation of Orlando, Sustainer of Junior League of Greater Orlando, and she serves on the Leadership Advisory Board for Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. Hartley received her M.B.A. from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College and holds a B.A. in marketing from Florida State University.


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