Phenomenal Black Women in Central Florida

A new exhibit held at the Girl Scouts of Citrus Women’s History and Cultural Center

The Black women in Central Florida posing in front of the Legacy of Excellence banner.

“Legacy of Excellence: Phenomenal Black Women in Central Florida”

A remarkable exhibit titled “Legacy of Excellence: Phenomenal Black Women in Central Florida” has opened its doors, casting a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions of African American women to the region’s cultural and societal fabric. This exhibit will grace the Girl Scouts of Citrus Women’s History and Cultural Center until April 30.

A Collaborative Effort to Celebrate Black Women

Photo of the Legacy of Excellence Black women in Central Florida.

Presented by the African American Women’s History Month Project, Inc. and The Poinsette Foundation, the exhibit celebrates the profound impact 41 women have had on Central Florida. Maryann J. Berry, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, expressed immense pride in hosting this inaugural special exhibit in a press release, highlighting the collaborative effort that made it possible.

The 41 women from diverse professional backgrounds shatter stereotypes and glass ceilings alike, showcasing these phenomenal women’s individual and collective achievements. Their stories are narratives of personal success and beacons of inspiration for future generations, illustrating the power of determination, education, and community involvement.

Seeking to Inspire and Empower

Mia Poinsette, the founder of The Poinsette Foundation, eloquently stated in a press release the foundation’s belief in children as the living legacies we send into the future. This exhibit aims to inspire, challenge, and encourage young minds to contribute positively to the human experience, embodying kindness and resilience amid adversity.

The collaboration between The Poinsette Foundation and the African American Women’s History Month Project Inc. (AAWHMP) underscores a shared mission to empower and celebrate the lives of African American women and girls of color. Chenise Williams, the founder of AAWHMP, emphasized the exhibit as a manifestation of sisterhood and teamwork, aiming to inspire all young women, especially those of color.

Open to the public Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and on select Saturdays. Immerse yourself in the rich achievements and legacies of these incredible women.

Black Women in Central Florida featured:

  1. Rosusan D. Baertte, Ph.D. 
  2. Arlene Blake
  3. Lavon Wright Bracy, Ed. D. 
  4. The Honorable Kamia Brown
  5. Former Orange County Commissioner Mable Butler
  6. Barbara Page Burns
  7. Olivia Allen Chaney, M.D.
  8. Shirley Smith Cowans 
  9. Representative Lavon Bracy Davis 
  10. Former U.S. Representative Val Demings
  11. Ericka Dunlap
  12. Kitty Jean Patterson Ellison
  13. Carolyn Fennell
  14. Vicki-Elaine Felder
  15. Valada Parker Flewellyn
  16. Fabiola D. Gaines, R.D., L.D.
  17. Taniahs Nunn Gary, Esq. 
  18. Barbara Jenkins, Ed.D. 
  19. Nina Wilson Jones
  20. Judge Alicia L. Latimore
  21. Commissioner Daisy W. Lynum
  22. Monica May
  23. Lena Graham-Morris
  24. Naomi Joy Nelson
  25. Lucille O’Neal, LHD 
  26. Melva Jacqueline Perkins
  27. Mia Poinsette
  28. Laine Powell, Ed.D. 
  29. Pastor Sharon Riley
  30. Tiffany Moore Russell, Esq. 
  31. Demetria Hill Sloan
  32. Reverend Erika Smith
  33. Shanta Barton-Stubbs, Th.D., D.D.
  34. Juanita Collier Verreen
  35. Clara Walters, Ed.D.
  36. Roniece Weaver
  37. Bridget Williams, Ed.D. 
  38. Chenise Williams 
  39. Nadine Mentor Williams 
  40. Annetta Wilson
  41. Secily Wilson


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