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Dr. Moss & Dr. Solomon

In a world where healthcare can feel rushed and impersonal, Dr. Judith A. Moss and Dr. Danielle Solomon Alhemovich are excited to offer patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to treatment at Chain of Lakes Primary Care.

Dr. Moss and Dr. Solomon met two years ago and realized they both had a passion for preventive medicine. They felt the model they were currently practicing, which puts a premium on seeing more and more patients, did not allow optimal individualized care. So, the two doctors decided to join MDVIP, a nationwide network of primary care doctors. In their new practice, they see fewer patients and can provide individualized care and advanced testing to address the unique needs of every patient. “I wanted to give more time to my patients, continuing to focus on a detailed personalized medical plan and working with them as their team members. That’s the healthcare they deserve,” Dr. Solomon says.

MDVIP Wellness Program

Patients in their practice participate in the MDVIP Wellness Program, similar to an executive physical. The program sets the foundation for their practice, allowing them to spend up to two hours during annual appointments with each patient, reviewing their medical history and conducting a thorough review. Studies show that testing in the program can “detect 40 percent more patients at risk for heart attack and stroke,” among other beneficial outcomes. 

Also, the program is offered to patients at a reasonable cost due to their MDVIP affiliation and enables Dr. Moss and Dr. Solomon to see a clearer view of their overall health. It also allows them to focus on preventive care and create a better doctor-patient relationship.

Personalizing Your Healthcare

“Because we see so many fewer patients, we can really get to know them. We formulated our front office area like a living room so patients feel comfortable,” Dr. Solomon says. “But we also didn’t want patients to feel like others were in the office. We wanted to help facilitate the feeling that they are the only ones on our minds.”

Patients can make same-day or next-day appointments and receive the best of both worlds — internal medicine with Dr. Solomon and family medicine with Dr. Moss. The doctors also practice evidence-based medicine led by their expert lipidologist. Dr. Moss and Dr. Solomon pride themselves on staying updated on the latest research and integrating evidence-based medications and supplements into their treatment plans. This balance of traditional medicine and holistic approaches helps them tailor their recommendations to each patient’s preferences and needs.

“We are very fortunate we work well together so that if [Dr. Solomon] is questioning something about a patient, she can always ask me, or if I have a question, I can always go ask her,” says Dr. Moss. “Overall, that gives our patients much more detailed, thorough treatment plans than they would get at a solo practice.”

Dr. Moss, who has been practicing medicine for 28 years, emphasizes the importance of communication and teamwork in healthcare. She believes working with patients to set and achieve goals is the key to successful treatment outcomes. With her background in chemical engineering, Dr. Solomon brings critical thinking skills and a holistic approach to patient care to address many dimensions of their health needs.

Beyond their effective collaboration, the doctors concur that their patients are akin to family and recognize their family connection has significantly contributed to their success. Dr. Moss asserts that family support frequently determines the difference between thriving and struggling. That is why Dr. Moss and Dr. Solomon support patients throughout their healthcare journey.

“Most of the time, there is never one right answer in medicine,” she says. “So, I think patients appreciate when you present them with all the options and work as a team to decide on the best option.”

Going Forward

Dr. Moss and Dr. Solomon will continue to provide unique treatment to each patient. Due to their experience and expert training, their office can offer comprehensive services, including medical weight loss, medical-grade skincare products, and more.

Dr. Moss reiterates her passion for her profession. “I want my patients to know they make my dream come true daily,” she says. “This is the best thing I have ever been able to do, and I appreciate my patients allowing me to be part of their healthcare journey. It is an honor, and it is a privilege.” Dr. Solomon echoes her sentiments, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to care for her patients the way she has always envisioned.

“I think we encompass everything required for a thorough primary care office, and I’m proud of it,” Dr. Solomon says. “To share this with our community is huge; it goes back to my grandfather, who was a member of an MDVIP-affiliated practice for 15 years. He didn’t get to see me become affiliated with MDVIP, but I know he is looking down and is proud because we’re doing the right thing here.”

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