Keeping Your Pets Safe With Expert Pet Care Tips

Summer is in full swing, bringing the scorching Florida sun and torrential rainstorms. Temperatures can quickly soar into near-triple-digits before afternoon showers cool things off. While we humans can regulate our internal temperatures, it’s vital that our beloved pets also stay safe, cool, and dry.

Vanessa Williams’ Advice

Vanessa Williams of Vanessa’s Petsitting Services LLC offers tips to ensure our fur babies don’t overheat. 

“Pets can face heat exhaustion, heat stroke, burns, or even death when exposed to extremely hot temperatures,” she says. 

Since pets can’t tell us when they are uncomfortable or sick, paying close attention to their behavior during the summer and observing when they may be at risk of overheating is essential.  

“Dogs don’t have sweat glands, so most times while you’re walking your dog, you’ll see them pant excessively to keep themselves cool,” Williams says. “Cats will tend to migrate towards cooler, darker areas of the house, or you may see them laying on the tile floor, glass tables or grooming or licking themselves.” 

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Notice when pets use their internal mechanisms to cool off so you know when to act or relocate them to better surroundings. One of the biggest mistakes people make with their pets during summer is insufficient water, says Ms. Williams. When walking your dog, she says it’s crucial to keep water handy and avoid walking them on hot roads or sidewalks that could pose a burn risk to their paws. She also recommends carrying water bottles for you and your pet, walking in grassy, shady areas, and taking frequent breaks so you and your pet don’t overheat. 

Ensure indoor and outdoor cats have water sources to dip into when needed. Excessive heat can limit the time our pets spend outdoors, as can summer rainstorms. If you need to walk your pet during a rainstorm, keep it short, or accompany them to a spot near your home to quickly bring them inside if there’s excessive lightning or wind. While being stuck inside is a bummer for any pet, indoor activities like doggie puzzle toys and mini-obstacle courses built from household items can stimulate pets and keep them entertained when it’s too dangerous to be outside. 

Williams says when the rain clears, outside summer play can still be fun. 

“I recommend pool play! It keeps them stimulated, exercised, and happy!” 

If you don’t have a pool, she says that dogs also love kiddie pools, water hoses, and sprinklers – just be sure you’re playing safely to avoid injury or damage. Vanessa Williams provides expert pet services in Central Florida. Contact her at


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