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During an election year, the national contests have a tendency to overshadow the issues and races right here in our community. The importance of local politics cannot be understated. Policies created at the city or county level can have a huge affect on our everyday lives as well as the success or failure of our local business interests. Local movements often pave the way for action at the state and national level further down the road.

This month, the West Orange Chamber of Commerce is offering the opportunity to get better acquainted with local leaders at our West Orange Mayoral Update Luncheon, presented by the Economic & Governmental Advocacy Committee. Join us on Oct. 12 at Ocoee Lakeshore Center to get the latest updates on your West Orange city or town. Attendees will learn about what is happening in West Orange County from representatives of the City of Ocoee, the City of Orlando, the City of Winter Garden, the Town of Oakland, the Town of Windermere and Orange County.


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