Hurricane Matthew: How to Prepare

Although hurricane Matthew’s path is uncertain, the City of Orlando is still encouraging residents, visitors and businesses to get ready.

To be properly prepared for a hurricane, there are several things you must do. Making a list might be helpful in order to ensure that nothing is left out.

Make sure you have everything you need in the areas of food, first aid, water, clothing, bedding, tools and supplies. Make sure all these supplies, especially food and water, are enough to last you at least three days.

The City of Orlando recommends having the following items for a hurricane kit among others:

-At least one gallon of water per person, per day (an extra gallon per pet, per day as well)
-Food items like canned tuna, granola or energy bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard candy like peppermints, dried fruit, individually wrapped snacks and puddings and just-add-water dishes to mixed with canned meat and vegetables (three days worth of food for pets as well)
-Paper cups, plates and utensils
-First aid kit
-A set of clean bedding
-Extra sets of clothes
-Battery-operated radio and extra batteries
-Non-electric can opener
-Flashlight and extra batteries
-Any important paperwork for your family including birth certificates, passports and immunization records

In situations like these, it can be easy to forget all the little things you and your family may need. Store all items for your hurricane kit in watertight containers. If you are taking any medications, make sure you will have enough to last you through the storm. Having simple things like a change of clothes and shoes can come in handy under certain circumstances. Special considerations may need to be taken for pets, seniors and infants as well.

You should also create an evacuation plan. Figuring out what route to take toward a safer area in case of an evacuation is suggested. If staying at your own house is not an option, have a plan so you know where you will be staying. But if your family plans to ride out the storm at home, be sure to trim trees, clear out rain gutters and secure loose items outside of the home to prevent damage.

If you would like a full emergency checklist for this, or any big storm, visit:


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