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When you walk in the front door of PremierMED Family and Sports Medicine, a warm and friendly greeting from Donna Shea comes from behind the receptionist desk. She offers you a cold drink or cup of coffee and then walks you through the registration process on an iPad. Even if you’re not feeling your best, the soothing blue walls of the coastal-themed decor leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable while you wait. You won’t have to wait for long though; either Christina Marinelli or Christina Lanier will prep you for your appointment by checking your vitals and delivering you to your appointment as quickly as possible.
For Adam Langley MD, Gary Visser MD, and Heather Sheldon ARNP, a quick and easy check-in is an important beginning to establish a personal patient-physician relationship. During the appointment, they listen to your story to better understand your goals and to engage you in your health.
They Care About You
In today’s medicine, it’s easy to feel like a number instead of a person. At PremierMED, you’re more than just a patient; you’re part of the family. You’re never rushed through your appointment and each question you have is answered with the utmost care and concern.
“Getting to know you is our sincere priority,” Dr. Langley says. “We just happen to practice medicine.” Dr. Visser adds, “Not only do we treat our patients like people, we try to connect on a personal level too.” Creating that patient-physician relationship is an important part of the PremierMED philosophy. Dr. Langley, Dr. Visser, and Heather encourage their patients to share their health goals. They will even assist in making a plan for a healthy future.
“Rather than focusing on where you’ve been in the past year, we want to help you discover where you need to be in the next few months,” says Dr. Langley. “We want you to finish the appointment with more clarity and direction.”
It’s not uncommon to see the physicians out and about in the community. Dr. Langley and Dr. Visser enjoy being involved in local events and are always encouraged when they see their patients out, too. Whether you see them at Windermere’s monthly food truck night, the YMCA, local churches or assisting with school physicals, take a minute to say hello, if you’re able.
Breaking the Barriers
Traditional medicine presents many barriers that can deter patients from making appointments when they need yearly physicals or even when they’re sick. Having a hard time making appointments that fit your schedule and difficulty communicating with the office staff or the physican can be obstacles to desired healthcare. The physicians at PremierMED want to break down these barriers for their patients, and deliver personalized and proactively preventative care.
To do this, they implemented an optional membership plan for current and future patients, called PremierMED PRIME. This added service gives patients more direct access to the doctors – even after hours – as well as priority appointments and longer personalized visits. With two levels of membership, patients are able to choose the service that works for their budget. They will also continue to offer the exceptional service for which they are currently known by using the standard insurance-based model.
PremierMED is setting itself apart by creating a hybrid medical practice that is suitable for individuals, couples and families. Here, the physicians want to provide an experience that their patients feel compelled to share. “People don’t normally come in for an appointment if there’s not a problem,” says Dr. Visser. “We hope by offering more time with our patients we can address the current problem, discuss any other concerns they might be having, and add preventative care as well.”
Will You Join Them?
PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine isn’t just a cookie cutter medical practice that filters patients in and out, and tries to see as many patients as possible in a day. Instead, the physicians are committed to providing preventative healthcare that is evidence-based and cost-conscious. Their new model will continue to see current patients and new patients with and without insurance, but will also offer the opportunity for them to join the limited membership of PremierMED PRIME.
One of the greatest outcomes to wellness can be giving back. Through the help of PremierMED PRIME, the doctors hope to set up an annual mission trip intended to meet the needs of underserved areas, whether it is bringing clean water to under developed countries or providing healthcare to people who can’t afford it. “By being a patient here, you’re helping others,” says Drs. Langley and Visser.
“We’re getting our patients involved.” Each trip will be an opportunity for patients to travel with them.
To get the most out of your healthcare provider, choose one that is committed to you and your individual needs. PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine does just that.
PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine
2658 Maguire Road
Ocoee, FL 34761
PremierMED PRIME membership is currently open to only 125 select clients. Call today to learn more about the program or to reserve your space.
The doctors at PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine are unveiling a new side of the practice. PremierMED PRIME is an optional membership-based plan for non-covered health insurance services.
Signature Membership:
-Limited patient membership
-Individual, couple, and family plans
-Priority appointments (same-day or next-day)
-Extended appointments
-Direct physician access (email, text, cell)
-Unlimited after-hours calls
-Direct physician visits at the office
-Personalized visits
-Video conference appointments (when appropriate)
-Phone, fax and web access
-Electronic medical records
-Secure Internet access to your medical information
-In-office blood draws for lab work
-Updated technology integration
Premium Membership:
-All amenities included in a signature membership
-Same-day priority appointments
-Home visits
-Annual health summary written report
-All office visits and in-office procedures included at no additional charge


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